3DBee has been disqualified from RBWLOLO?

Apparently EGVTV admin have determined the guy cheated in the AOE4 tourny… however EGCTV has NOT relayed to the disqualified player NOR the community the specific of the violation, NOT even which violation, NOR the number of violations. Just simple “Bee was caught cheating and he’s out.”

I don’t know if buddy cheating or not but I know this lack of transparency is cheating the community…

What’s your guys take on the matter?


You don’t ban people without relaying the reason. That creates an atmosphere of uncertainty which makes everyone nervous and kills fun. They should disclose the reason or suffer the wrath of the fanbase.


Reddit is way ahead on this topic.

I believe this is the Wololo tournament Admin.

If people want to follow on this reddit has alot of threads related to the incident.

The problem in this situation is that they did not specify “publicly at least” (there are some rumors) the reason.
Was it maphack , or was it bug abuse? For now we don’t know.

  • And usually in cases like this the more they stay silent the more damage its done.
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Here’s a post from marinelord elaborating the issue.

TLDR: There have been quite some inconsistencies with bee’s latest performances. It looked like he knew where deer spots were located and enemy cits were walking to.

As for the wall scan i think tournament organizers should have made it it more clear what’s allowed and what’s not. The rules are very squishy.

The rules are clear on this: No bugged (exploit) mechanic can be repeatedly abused and that is clearly an exploit (which was removed in AoE2 a while back). Likewise, if there were doubts, it was an obligation to ask the administration.

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It best had NOT been for the fuking wall scan ■■■■??? For one it is NOT listed as an exploit and secondly how do you NOT SCAN if you’re attempting to wall all the shorelines to insure nobody can build a dock there in the first place??? how can you tell me when I was ACTUALLY sending my villagers to go build walls along the shoreline??? Again I don’t know but I HOPE this wasn’t the ban.

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I am no fan of this new modern trend of Arresting/Banning people without coming out with a solid reason and evidence to back up that reason.
And the paramount of importance.


It’s such a common occurance now adays that people/channels/wahtever gets reported and removed, without any way to appeal, contact or any at the very least get clear information of exactly WHY.

While I certainly hope Bee is innocent, and good job on the investigators for finding out if he was cheating.

COMMUNICATE is important.
not just internally, but towards the accusator and the accused.
As well as informing the public.

Do not just outright Ban before final descision has been made. Thats what we have Suspension for, while things are under investigation.

If final descision has been made, then state clearly exactly WHY that descision has been made! Show the evidence, and stop beating around the bush!

It drives me completely nuts seeing this kind of treatment.

Having seens everal of my favourite youtube channels suddently get deleted or demonitized, sometimes without any reasons at all! Having to go through all sorts of hell in order to drag them back from the abyss, after having put significant effort in order to prove their innocence or the banning reason completely irrelevant.

And Having experienced false accusation that almost ruined my own life. I know how devestating the effect of being Guilty before proven innocent! It’s not how any justice system should work.
Despite having come out of it completely innocent and in the clear, it still completely ruined my career and I had to do a total revamp. Because the damage that has been done, is already done and can not be reversed.

Henche the extreme importance of actually coming out with solid evidence and reasoning for making the actions.

If the team has simply announced 1 of 2 things:

Before banning and making final descisions:
Bee has been suspended for the time being while ongoing investigation is happening.


After having made final descision:
Bee has been removed from the tournament due to having broken rules and regulations, as these (insert list of games) have clearly shown.


These problems should of been fixed ages ago.

They have known about the problems since the games been released and they have done nothing about any kind of cheating


I agree on this, but I also understand if he got banned, if they have warned him several times about doing these things! But at least they could have stated that!

Due to Bee having ignored several warnings about the way he play the game, he has been banned from the tournament!

Fine! They havent fixed the game, but at least they gave their player warnings of doing things that the judges don’t like players doing.

We do not know this. They may have told Bee exactly what evidence they have. You’re assuming just because Bee said they didn’t that he’s telling the truth?

As for everyone else, they have no obligation to give us anything.

So far Bees defense has been “I wasn’t map hacking I was just constantly exploiting a bug” (also against the rules) and “racism”.

Although I have no interest to help defend him.
But I will not judge it too quick when the person involved is a Russian.


I’ll ASSUME you’re familiar with American pro sports; Could you imagine if Lebron James an NBA star player got suspended for cheating and the NBA did NOT disclose the details of the cheating?? What would the NBA community (the players, the couches, the organization leaders, officer workers, fans; everyone fuking invested in the sport??) do? and How would the community move forward? Who else is getting banned, how do you get pulled up for investigation? how far we going to look for evidence?? Blah, blah, that’s similar to what this community will do in response to this suspension.

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Just another drama from EGCTV and RBWLOLO. LOL.

If he used Map hack, it’s totally a ban.

If he used bugs exploits. So should get a warning. Remember long ago, everyone used cancel animation on scout, x2 damage demo ship, and anyone got banned?


If the powers that be can prove he maphacked then ban no problem.!! They Dont have to give pulbic details except that they have the definite proof; give us your word beyond that of, “I suspect you…therefore banned.”

The rule that states not to used bugged excessively is not only vague but inconsistently applied!!!

For example is it, or is it NOT a bug walls that have already been completely build can have a hole generated along that wall if a new segment of wall is attached to already built wall? If it is a bug THEN any player that utilize that newly formed hole to get thru the wall is utilizing an exploit!!!

If it is NOT a bug that a completed palisade wall segments get a hole when placing a new wall segment adjacent to the built one…THEN is it NOT an exploit to DELETE the end posts of the unfinished wall to have holes automatically closed??? Is this how the designers intended walls to behave???

Is it an exploit to use a fast unit to aggro wolves and relocate them near enemy resources?

Is it an exploit that you stump out shoreline fish with buildings?? They specifically reduce the footprint of shoreline fishes to redce thid effect AND made dockd better behave when place adjacent to shoreline fish BUT the still intended that docks place ON the shoreline fish SHOuld(at min would continue…) to stomp out fish?

Is it an exploit to listen to ANY sounds thru the fog of war (landmark placement, ram, deer, mining, etc)?

Is it an exploit to chop thru forests adjacent to a wall?

The definition of a bug SOMETIMES needs to be very specific.

Another one i personally thing its an exploit that you can cause the boar to attack enemy units. Was this the explicit design of the creators? Or an exploit that they don’t mind remaining in the game? IMO it appears the design of having the boar attack the closest taeget was exclusively to save the weaken unit the boar was smashing otherwise that unit would have to constantly run around and make killing the boar that much more complicated. I personally do NOT believe the dev also consider “hey? We want to be able to aggro the boar on enemy units!!” It was likely a lack of foresight, IMO.

Lastly A ban? SHOULD come from an explicit and blatant violation.

The definition of “exploit” is very clear in a video game: Take advantage of an unintended mechanic in the game (glitch, bug).

The wolves example is not an exploit, as there is nothing wrong with a wolf chasing you (it’s its mechanic) and attacking a nearby target.

The example of placing buildings to remove shoreline fish is an exploit. Since it is a bug that those fish disappear when you place buildings, when that should not happen.

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3D is banned bcse he is Russian…

If not!

Show the evidence!!!

This is not a ■■■■■■■ state secret!!!


Just stop with the baseless accusations of racism.

There’s literally already another Russian in the event…

Somehow I knew exactly what this thread was going to look like before clicking. I was not disappointed.

I don’t think its about racism nor discrimination.

If it was about that they could have banned him from the beginning like some other sports did.

About the evidence. This is between them and the player. And since the player (or the organisation backing up the player) filed an Appeal i’m sure they will present the evidence but not in public.

But i still think they can share in public the motive of the ban.