3DBee has been disqualified from RBWLOLO?

They don’t have to share any information other than announcement that player was disqualified anything else is just bonus and they fulfilled their part as tournament organizer.

Did I look like i didn’t know about the clip??? if I referenced Fitbro interview directly PRIOR to this now post??? If I said HE, BEE SAID, that he misunderstood what Fitzbro was asking??? that makes me a fanboi?? Is that really how far your ability comprehend what I said HE, BEE, after this interview said???

YOu can’t be??


IS THIS NOT MY QUOTE?? WTF is we talking about, really???

Pretty normal for fanboi try to defend his subject of worship. Dont you think? If you were questioning his behavior you wouldn’t be saying “he didn’t admit” or “he was just being confused”. Maybe you’re not his fan but it sounded what fanbois do even with the suggestion of walkback.

In interview he clearly understood the subject and there wasn’t hint of him not understanding or confusion what was the topic. What comes afterwards like his statement or 3D! clans statement how Bee is climbing in ladder is very similar to those who have been found guilty and trying to cover up the mess and being denial. “oh I didn’t meant to” “oh I didn’t understand” “oh I was just confused” “oh I thought it was allowed” etc.

Its same with the laddering and streaming etc. Now they try to make point that he didn’t cheat and demonstrate how he didn’t use hacks or softwares which is probably true from very start, but he already let it slip that he used palisade scanning and if somehow he didn’t then alternative is hacks or some other form of way to obtain information which he shouldn’t have.

I saw game on 4 lakes where bee pulled like 3 villagers to counter dock before he saw the dock

Many really means a few with high viewership

Im not referring to streamers or pro players. Im referring to players who comments I have read through reddit / forums.

I don’t know why this is such a big deal. Whether he is guilty or not he was disqualified so if he did cheat maybe he learned a lesson and will stop. If he didn’t cheat hopefully it gets cleared up. But it’s not like they banned him forever he can’t play in the tournament, move on there will be other ones

My understanding is no specific allegations or evidence have been made public or communicated to the player, so there’s not much chance of anything getting cleared up if he didn’t cheat.

So in other words… to reserve judgment on an issue i personally do not have all the pertinent information to. AND to merely qoute what the defendant has stated, both the alleged confession of guilt AND the latter correction of said alleged confession (maybe a lie?)… to do this here stated is “sounding like a fanboi”


Oh to be clear I DIDNT SAY HE WAS CONFUSED BY FITZBRO’s question?? BEE SAID HE WAS CONFUSED BY FITZ QUESTION? AGain i only repeated Bees claim of being confused.

[mod hat on] We have had 23 days of joy here in this thread fighting in the shadows of the forum rules. I have no taste in my mouth to watch people accuse each other of being fanboys. I think if there was any constructive purpose of this thread, that time for it is well over. Locked.