3DBee has been disqualified from RBWLOLO?

I don’t know why you guys are focusing on Beasty at all. Who cares about Beasty. He talked about his suspicions after he found out that the investigation had already been going, he probably should have just kept his mouth shut.

Other players didn’t give Bee the ban. The tournament admins did. We haven’t seen the evidence they claim to have.

Because the only info were provided by him ? No? What are we discussing, if not “potential reasons” said by Beasty.

However, if you take him out of the equation.

Should you remove “cheater” as well? As “techinical” tools?(which were mentioned by Beasty)?

Be consistent. Beasty’s words about “cheats”, not RB’s words.
We are literally discussing Beasty’s statement here.

I hope you get the point.

about Beastqt

He ban for questioning his “opinion”.
If the question are asked about his opinion, he says “I did not ban Bee, but perma ban for you”.

Yes, great approach

but every one is discussing, that Bee is a cheater, cause his words.

I do not believe, that he “knew nothing”, while he gives information about “magical-technical tools” which exist.
And i believe, he said almost all reasoning, which were discussed inside.
and some of “this reasons” just dumb.

So, I feel free to speak about “beasty” opinion, cause I believe 90% of decision were affected by “pro discussion”.
and cause we discuss “cheating” what is Beasty’s opinion.

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The only relevant information really is Chrazini’s statement. We haven’t seen what he claims they have in the way of evidence. So we know essentially nothing other than the tournament organizers believe he broke the rules and they disqualified him.

All the talk of other pro players and trying to pit them against each other and picking a side is just noise.

[mod hat on] you all seem to be arriving at the ultimate truth that there really is nothing here worth discussing because the complete facts are not known and never will be. Any opinions based on partial information are super speculative, unfair to the people involved, and not worth sharing. Glad to see the convo arriving here without us mods having to shut it down at the start.


Still waiting for details about the “investigation”. Don’t think we can easily forget about it.
By the way, did you notice how BeastyQt used the one camel strategy he found suspicious two weeks ago? Also waiting for his public apologies for that.


Apparantely SPIN to WIN has been removed in the PUP?? So it WAS NOT WORKING AS INTENDED??? aBUSe?

No. They just changed the functionality. It was not even a bug.

Bee is Top #2 ladder, guys.


Russian bots creating drama again

Please stop

We don’t care if your favourite cheater is top of the ladder

We will stop when there is an official public letter to the community with the exact reason of the ban

[mod hat on] I’m not sure what exactly you are threatening to do until Microsoft cedes to your demands, but before this goes any further, I feel compelled to remind everyone of the following rules. “Do not […]

Please don’t give us mods any reason to conclude you are petitioning something related to discussing official actions. I understand there’s lots of confusion and concern regarding official rulings related to official tournaments, but this forum is not here for litigating any of it or organizing petitions to demand things. This forum is here to discuss video games. Let’s do that.


He’s going to significant lengths to show that what he’s doing on the ladder is without cheating. He has two Twitch streams, one showing the screen he’s playing on, and another camera showing his wider playing environment so people can see he’s not using e.g. a macro keyboard or any other screen. I don’t think it’s completely irrelevant if he can reach the top of the ladder with this level of transparency, given that we don’t have any details of the allegations against him.

Bee is now in 2nd position in ranked ladder, and it matters, coz beasty once said in stream that he couldnt believe bee improved so fast if he did not use any additional equipment.


No one cares what beasty said, he has zero impact on the decision. Even if he would say bee should play on wololo nothing would be changed. Bee won’t be able to play on wololo, and this is a fact. But well, just a few weeks, and people won’t talk about this anymore.


Pretentious much??

FALSE! Beasty states AFTER the investigation on BEE was ALREADY on its way, he was contacted FOR HIS EXPERTISE…

Lastly Bee’s ladder performance is a self serving one whereby he proves to the community that AT LEAST he can play at the top at the highest level of the game WITHOUT CHEATING ON LADDER…THAT IS IT? It doesn’t prove HE DIDN’T CHEAT IN TOURNAMENT???

Only He and the admin that DQ’d him can say what really happened.

My 2 cents on this situation. Firstly I have nothing against Bee or any other player, nor im taking side of someone else.

Then any further do. All pro players or vast majority of them are not playing ladder at all rn so this means Bee has easier time to climb up in ladder. While good for him to achieve it, but its nowhere near relevant results as they would’ve been when other pro players were playing there. So Bee is doing easy mode rn vs what it could’ve been.

Then the cheating accusations. Lets clear few things out. Many player think that Bee was using 3rd party software or something else because it was labeled as cheating but cheating comes in many forms. It can be even simple as getting map seed info from tournament organizer and those labels as cheating. Same with exploit use or other that could be considered offense that can get player disqualified.

Just because microsoft / devs were involved for investigation and Bee’s account wasnt banned its not proof of anything simply because Bee may have not been using 3rd party software or other stuff, but he indeed used something (more about that later on.) This is my belief based on what info what has been released. Then the fact that his “official statement” shows many signs of someone who is being guilty. For example anger, entitlement, demanding, acting like victim etc. All of these are typical for someone who was using underhanded tricks and tries to justify his own actions and blame everyone else. For example if anyone followed by the investigation of FaZe clan which is perfect example of how someone who is guilty often behaves. If Bee was completely innocent or seriously sry about the situation he would’ve been more humble, reasonable, apologetic, but none of them are shown from his statement and same is with the 3D!clans statement how Bee is climbing in ladder and not chance he could cheat and once again fact is that hardly any top tier player is actually playing ladder rn.

Bees game account wasn’t banned but was still disqualified so why is that?

Simple answer he cheated and he admitted it. Yes you heard me. End of story. Lets toggle it bit. Bee openly admitted using palisade scanning in games which is VERY similar to deletion of shoreline fish with buildings which is btw banned in tournaments and not allowed, but no one gets banned doing it in ladder.?
So what I can tell Bee used not a cheat or really a exploit, but something that organizers didn’t approve those he was disqualified because of it. Palisade scanning isn’t exactly exploit, neither is deleting shoreline fish but it provides unfair advantage and no other pro player is using them, but Bee used and he ignored the fact that he is pro player and access to tournament organizers who could have confirmed if it was allowed or not but he chose to take advantage.

So he got what he deserved which is only disqualification. If he was using more serious things he would’ve gotten his game account banned and banned from ever participating tournaments, but because it was just “minor” he got disqualified. So this is my take on. Maybe he now learned to behave and act like pro player instead of trying to “cheat” his way to tournament.

He didn’t admit to that, Fitzbro phrase his question in a way that was confusing to Bee and Bee responsed “yes! I was making my wall to insure he can’t dock there naturally…” So you can hear in Bee’s response to Fitzbro’s question he didnt admit to it other than saying “yes!” and later when the translation issue was brought to his attention he would correct his statement… COULD ALL BE A LIE BEING WALKED BACK?? But thats his story?

He was asked of his opinion. So He impacted enough. And He impacted his viewers with “cheating” idea. Now some players refused to invite/play with Bee at tournament, mostly cause Beasty.

So it’s just simply lie. He impacted and the only RB knows, how much he impacted. Even Beasty himself does not know.

I would suggest him to take all 10 top places at aoe4world. (for making any ad with it ) .
In the end, It’s up to him, how many newsbreak to create with his results.
Or it’s up to MS/RB to release any info and truly stop discussion.

If answer is so simple, let’s RB just say it.
Is it so hard, if it’s so simple?

Yes he did.

Bee: I went to discover Beasty’s dock with 1 villager
Fitzbro: Are you talking about the one game on 4 lakes?
Bee: Yea yea. They don’t know when you already placed a dock you enable “something something too long and not too relevant”
Fitzbro: So you’re saying selecting palisade wall segment and moving it around on the map?

Not gonna bother typing it, but here is link and timestamp. AoE4 - EXCLUSIVE Interview 3D!Bee Disqualified From Red Bull Wololo - YouTube. HE CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD SITUATION WAS and CLEARLY admitted using it.

You’re pretty typical Bee funboi who refuses to admit facts.

They don’t have to share any information other than announcement that player was disqualified anything else is just bonus and they fulfilled their part as tournament organizer.