4 things should happen to Mameluke

I have 4 points about Mameluke that i think it really should be in the Mameluke

1-Mameluke basic armor should be +1/+1Pa

2-Mameluke cost for gold should be reduced from 85 to 75

3-Training time for the Mameluke should be reduced from 23s to 16s.

4-Elite Mameluke have +1 range.

This unit should have more viability in the game, and there are many other unique units need more buffs to have more viability too


too much buff imho, i could see the gold reduction and training time reduction.

the problem with most unique units is just the game is too fast for them these days.


I would like either +1range or 75g but not both.

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Man you still have some civs have almost fully depending in their UU like Spanish, Burmese and Mongols. In general i really think the devs should focus on UUs and making them more viable in the game at least UUs show us the real difference between civs and cultures

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+1 for the elite is fine in my opinion

mamelukes are fine, just the castle age version could have a bit more hp

Fine?! Hahahahahahahs yeah this is why we see them so much

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Good ideas, probably 2 are enough but we will see.


and honestly i’m all for buffing two of those. (and mongols as well IF the mangudai get nerfed).

and how would you change the game to ensure that UU are more likely to show up?
UU don’t show you the difference between cultures, heck some of them don’t even make sense with the civ in question (Mamelukes didn’t ride camels OR throw swords as an example).

hah this is hilarious. there is no reason the mameluke should cost 85 gold, sorry.


I really think all the 4 points are more than fine and even witb 75 gold cost it is still hard to mass but yeah at least give them 2 points

Price reduction and TT reduction must happen, if those won’t help, they have too buff them further.

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considering they are ranged them being hard to mass is okay.

these i am absolutely fine with.

But 3 range and weak basic armor is not really thay much helpful, this unit die to anything move

they have more health then most ranged units and can kite. they also deal melee damage on top of that. there frame delay is lower then many archer units as well. if you have trouble keeping them alive that’s a you problem.


More health with weak basic armor is not that much, this unit die to skirms, archers, pikes, scorps, mangonels, TC fire and any thing get close to them, i really think giving them a +1/+1 armor is a must

If the Game is too fast for most UU, would it make sense that conscription give an extra reduction for castle recruitment time? I don’t know, maybe a imperial age tech is already too late

really? then tell me how mongols keep their units alive, which have even less health and take even more damage from those skirmishers you’re so concerned about.

it takes 4 extra damage from skirms, so they take 7 total damage a shot. that means it takes 19 shots for slow skirms to take a mameluke down. meanwhile the mameluke deals melee damage, which should be able to shred skirms.

you’re not supposed to be using mamelukes against archers. they are clearly an ANTI Cavalry unit.

i hear kiting is great against slow infantry.

you could say this about a lot of units that have low armor, of which there is many. i don’t see you crying that we need to buff archers, pike, etc units armor.

Yeah but we are here talking about a castle unit with 85 gold cost man!

There is a reason. If they would lower the gold cost you could mass them and they would shred everything except camels.