5 out of 5 games today had a disconnect in them (4v4 random map)

This is completely ridiculous…what exactly has the hotfix solved, and how is this STILL an unresolved issue? Is it me? Am I causing the disconnects or are other people experiencing this level of frequency of disconnects in their games???

I am playing from Europe and all games I get connected to have a ping of 180ms+, when I know for a fact from unranked lobbies that there are servers with very small pings i.e. based in Europe. Why am I being connected to servers on the other side of the world???

What on earth is going on…is there any way to change what server you end up being connected to?


I only play solo queue 4v4 games. My experience so far (at ~2000-2150 elo):

  • ~7 minutes of queue time.
  • 75% chance of the queue finding a game but ends up with someone leaving and it gives you a “Failed to join” message.
  • Back to more ~3 min queue.
  • Start a match but it’s ~35% chance of someone disconnecting in the first 5 minutes.
  • If it happens, back to a 5-10 min queue.
  • Pray to not see too many “Failed to join” messages again.
  • Pray that nobody disconnect next game, otherwise you already wasted more than 30 minutes of your gaming time without a decent game.

Is this useful to you?

I’ve already done this and sent my logs to the GM as requested. What I’m saying with this post is that this has gotten to new levels of ridiculousness.

Sorry to hear that, no issues here, 5 team games yesterday and another 5 today. No idea what was the server. Games were played around 20 - 23 gmt

So you’re playing from Britain?

I am very frustrated that 50% of my games ends with disconnection after 4 to 5 minutes. And my ELO is reduced. Immediately after I receive disconnection message, I do shift+tab and go to a random site. Guess what? It works. So how am I disconnected? Either this disconnection issues must be fixed, or there must be no reduction of ELO for a game where players disconnected while having an actual functional connection.


Made a total of 14 (team) games today. Guess what 12/14 of them were on brazil servers resulting ~50% disconnects at the start and 20% randomly shortly after. The other 30% were very frustrating to play having 220+ ping, which is severe input lag. Proper micro impossible.
Asian and Indians have it even worse with 400+ pings. Asians players get disconnected most of times aswell, no surprise having 400+ ping is unacceptable.

This needs to be fixed asap or team games are dead soon. Already seeing the same people over and over.

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I totally agree and that is my experience too of team games overall. What I don’t understand is how some people are allegedly getting games with no disconnects like:

It just doesn’t add up…

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why not make a thread in bug report so they can see it properly reported

I’ve already personally given my feedback to developers with game logs and saved replays.

I’m asking the community if they have any suggestions which might help. I know the devs are working on this behind the scenes.

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This issue is already reported and the devs are already looking at this issue

report many more times let them know how serious this is!

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I have a better option for you. Let us all send a message to GMEvangelos in which you say you want to help with solving this issue. See the post below. You will get access to advanced networking logs. Just send all logs from laggy game or games with disconnection back to him (possible with save game file).

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if sending message to them en mass works then game would have been fixed by now. also he helps collect data but not the actual person behind fixing these problem, just different role within the company.

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Let’s be more fair, community feedback is definitely heard. Yeah they sometimes did what they wanted, but for the mos part…

for the most part… not fixed!!!

this issue been going on for months, there are ton other I reported, about 30% gets acknowledged so I am pretty lucky among the ones get an acknowledgement. but then they don’t get fixed so what can we do.

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Communnity feedback is definitely listened to and considered alot more with this game than any other I’m aware of.

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But this game also has a lot more game breaking bugs in it, that should never be here after having a Beta test, than any other I am aware of


I completely agree. The game is unplayable in team ranked random map and has been for a while with no end in sight. Which is why I’m considering quitting. It takes way too long to fix things around here.

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