50 missions of the campaign

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my waking hours are now completely consumed by AoM Retold and that got me thinking about the 50 missions statement. Some people are talking that that’s more missions than there were but I will try to claim the contrary that iťs not enough.

If we go by the campaigns we have:
Learn to play: 3 missions (hunt for cyclops, making base and fight with pirates)
Fall of the Trident: 32 missions
Close to Home: 1 mission (Reginleif standalone)
The Golden Gift: 4 missions (Brokk and Eitri campaign)
The New Atlantis: 12 missions (Kastor campaign)

That makes 52 missions in total. Even without Reginleif’s standalone that might not make the cut, we still have 51 missions. Do you think that some other mission will not make the cut? What is your opinion on this?

oh never thought about that yet. i highly doubt characters like Reginleif, heroes from other civs, will get less spotlight. (i personally think its more the contrast and there will be more spotlight for them) but if its 52 what did they remove then? good question idk.

Well, the thing about Reginleif’s mission is that it was only for people who pre-ordered Age of Mythology back in 2002. It was realeased afterwards for everyone in EE when Tales got implemented into the game, so I am not sure how they will go about it in Retold. I kind of hope that it gets in but I also hope that they will improve it a bit as it was and is a bit bland.

I hope that they won’t remove anything. So maybe they combined the three missions of the tutorial into one mission? That would work but Arkantos moves a lot during the story of the tutorial, so not sure if it is doable.

Maybe learn to play doesn’t count and they added 1 new bonus mission.

Or it’s about 50 not exactly 50.

Or all the bonus missions don’t count and it actually includes a new campaign with 6 missions.

Tale of the Dragon had 9 missions so that seems very likely they just completely cut that.

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Great! Any excuse to replay the campaigns and see what changes the devs have made. I beat all the scenarios in the Fall of the Trident and Golden Gift campaigns on Titan difficulty. Several scenarios in The New Atlantis is not balanced and I only beat them on Hard difficulty, I hope they get rebalanced. Looking forward to completing those new campaign achievements as well!

The description of the 50 mission campaign on the booth page only describes the Fall of the Trident campaign.
It says it’s one campaign with 50 mission and then follow by describing the Fall fo the Trident campaign.

Maybe they really did completely rework that campaign?

AoE2DE did release with 3 new campaigns plus the replaced Incan campaign plus Art of War.
AoE3DE came with a new Historical Battles campaign containing 6 new missions on release.

AoM Retold is supposed to be “more” then a Definitive Edition. So maybe we will get more new single player content then we expect.

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