There are 6 new units in season 4! Each is unlocked by a landmark. This is a huge leap in adding unit variety and ways to explore the game.

  1. English King (Abbey of Kings)
  2. English Wynguard Footmen (Wynguard Palace)
  3. English Wynguard Rangers (Wynguard Palace)
  4. Delhi Sultan’s Elite Tower Elephant (Palace of the Sultan) . . . . . (Two mounted hand cannoneers)
  5. Mongolian Hui hui pao Trebuchet (Khaganate Palace)
  6. Rus Militia (Kremlin)


AOE 3 has so many shipments and mercenaries and AOE 2 has so many civs that AOE 4 has kinda lagged behind in unique unit variety. So excited to see this!


Pareciera que bebieron algo del parche del aoe 3 de octubre ya que igual en ese parche agregaron muchas unidades unicas xd

1: Landwerdh: Alemanes
2: Boshibozuks: Otomanos
3: Deliliers: Otomanos
4: Humbaracis: Otomanos
5: Azap: Otomanos
6: Sansculote: Franceses (Mediante una revolución)
y renombraron a los aldeanos otomanos y holandeses por sus singularidades a Yoruk y mercantes respectivamente y ya las cartas ni las nombro por que son muchas xd

  • Now, we need heavy and light horse archers for all civilizations that had it.
  • Arrows/projectiles need to miss to create a skill gap (AOE4 is just a macro game) and cannot come back through micro.
  • Better unit animations, blood, lasting corpses, etc.

AOE4 is still an Alpha game!




we can make battering rams in the siege workshop
battering rams spam coming
there will now be a technology that increases production speed by 50% and causes it to do 40% more damage

Guys i’m super excited,everything i read makes me happy!!!





Why dont ottomans have New units? No jans fix. Devs
surely love Rus and English. Rus have New tec.This is disappoinment.


yet no horse archers for ottomans. yet no buff to mangudai. I feel like the devs don’t care about the fun units. That said, very cool update


This is surely a right direction.

One small picking here: “Wynguard Palace” is a fictional name (seems they are avoiding exact same name as real life sites, so that every time you are building a new landmark, not the exact same existing one), but the “wynguard units” sounds a little off. What about some more historically relevant names?


Oh well, if they continue add new units to the civs we may actually see difference between civilizations. 5 - 6 more updates like that and I may give this game another chance


buff to mangudai??? Clearly you’re out of touch with the OP-ness of this unit


Rus now have “Levy Militiaman” like AoE3!


I may have missed something. How good are they now? They used to be very strong in team games but situational at best in 1v1s, has that changed?

I think english didn’t really have many “unique units”, but don’t quote me on that xD

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Mangudai harrassment is THEEEEEE most annoying and exceptionally effective mongol play BOTH in teams and 1 v 1; esp when they mix knights to keep your archer masses honest.

But in other news; I’m interested in how powerful the new HC Tower Elephants will be?


I would like more updates like this as well. As much as I like the 3 new English units, I feel like the English had too many players already. It would be great if they did this to other civs.

Here are some dumb ideas: For the HRE, imagine the Elzbach Palace enabled Pike and Shot Landsknechts since most people play the Palace of Swabia. Also, imagine if the Istanbul Imperial Palace disabled the ability to make Mehters and unlocked a Horse Archer variant since most people make the Mehmed Imperial Armory. Balancing Horse Archers would be easier without Mehters. And maybe give something like that to Delhi. What if the Tower of victory had a toggle in Castle Age that disabled it’s ability and unlocked Horse Archers instead. Just don’t add so many unique units that it has the meme feel of AOE 3.

cool so we are advancing aom improvements or 20 years ago mechanics that should be there for a age up tier/type mechanic for aoe 4. The units may sound ver red flaggy. I already know how relic treats new units like an nerfed version of the generic ones. look at the patch notes on drongo video (It's Official. I'm An English Main Now. - YouTube) king unit is a bland unit for the effect it gives. yeah its like a hero unit and the heal effect actually makes a good change for using that landmark but the idea of a king that becomes useless with the cost and the spected stats (bcuz it have to be nerfed so it dont be op vs regular ones on early age) is not very hisorical or feel right that king ALONE is raiding vill like regular cav units taking advantage of its superior stats. I would preferred regular cav with creation number cap but with the aura not stackable which fits better as an unit on age 2 (king guard?) . other units seems to go into that direction but let see what it becomes. also its a shame that some landmarks only got “now you can create x unit” instead of giving more techs or a more active role that is more fun to interact. still a change for the betterness but it leaves much to be desired

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This “meme feel” you’re talking about makes no sense. If you play with and against these units more and more you’ll know what they do and how to counter them.

AoE4 doesn’t feel very asymmetrical military wise. This is a step in good direction. Gameplay in AoE4 has gone stale and maybe this will help.

Let’s not try to make everything AoE2.


actually is very symetrical in units and macro wise with some extra different units. the gameplay was already stale band this change is still a tbsp of spicy content. there more to work

The Horse Archer definitely NEEDS to become a shared unit and as it becomes a shared unit, balance measures can be made like increasing its HP and changing the cost from Food and Wood to Food and Gold.


I don’t agree at all, it wouldn’t make sense to put the same unit for everyone, what would be the point of changing and choosing civilizations if they all had the same unit, you have to learn to accept defeat if you lose against players who use bowed camels, mangudai or Arcetri on horseback, you could build more castle walls and towers based on or use the English civilizations’ that allow you to better defend yourself, the game cannot’ chase after players who complain by putting things the same for everyone.

What we need is to have more complicated and deep civilizations that improve the gaming experience in order to give you fun because you know how to use them best, the purpose of a video game is not to lend you a hand for everything you want but it is to give you the possibility to improve yourself with commitment and dedication.

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The Horse Archer was so commonly used throughout the world that the Horse Archer being unique to the Rus is a big joke. Of course, there would still be civs that don’t have access to the Horse Archer. Having the Horse Archer available to other civs that historically used them is what I mean by having it be a shared unit.