80+ of amending advice for Simplified Chinese(zh) strings in AoE2DE

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: 39515 (since first version)
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: newtonerdai

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

Some localized translation of Simplified Chinese(zh) is not right or not suitable.
Let me put them forward~
@GMEvangelos Since this thread has been closed, I wrote another thread.
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Part #1 ---- Forgotten to translate

IDS_OPTIONS_DISABLE_UGC_WARNING_HELP_TEXT "Disable User Generated Content Warnings. Enabling this will allow multiplayer lobbies to send you needed UGC files automatically."
    // (↑ origin string)
=> // (Change into ...)
  //(↓ suggested string)
IDS_OPTIONS_DISABLE_UGC_WARNING_HELP_TEXT "关闭用户原创内容 (UGC) 警告。 \n勾选这个选项将允许多人游戏大厅自动向您发送本局必要的 UGC 文件。 (如自定义AI、随机地图、联机场景、数据集等)"


// Some other. Here no longer expand. ↓

Part #2 ---- Not fit the meaning

9322 "Map Visibility: " // 9656 is the same
9322 "地图能见度:" // maybe appears in the detail table when loading a game 
9656 "地图能见度:" // maybe appears in the Objectives window when playing a random game
  10832 "Visiblity State"
  10832 "视觉状态" // A parameter of Effect "Set Player Visibility" in Editor.
11591 "Set Player Visibility"
11591 "设置玩家能见度" // An effect in Editor. 
  169604 "Visibility" // 200041 is the same
  169604 "能见度" // Maybe appears when submitting a mod
  200041 "能见度" // Maybe appears when creating a new lobby in multiply game
9322 "地图可视性"
9656 "地图可视性"
  10832 "可视状态" // "视觉状态" is a physiologic word like "visual", unsuitable. Sh-
//      ould be changed into "可视状态" as well.
11591 "设置玩家可视性"
  169604 "可视性"
  200041 "可视性"
// "能见度" is usually used to describe how far people can see through the smog or water. 
// "可视性" means "can be seen or not". I suggest replacing these "能见度" by "可视性".

:one: Some Condition and Effect names in editor. ↓

10503 "Own Objects"
10503 "拥有物体"
10503 "拥有物体 >="
// 【A condition in Editor】To add ">=" will be more intuitionistic.
10505 "Objects in Area"
10505 "区域内的物体"
10505 "区域内的物体 >="
// 【A condition in Editor】Same reason as above.
10504 "Own Fewer Objects"
10504 "拥有少量物体"
10504 "拥有物体 <="
// 【A condition in Editor】You translated "less" into "少量". But it doesn't 
//      fit Chinese language habit. Should be "更少" or "少于等于(less or equal)" or just "<=".
10506 "Destroy Object"
10506 "消灭物体"
10506 "已消灭物体"
// 【A condition in Editor】"Killed Object" has a past tense, so you should
//       add a "已" ( [Have] Killed Object).
10511 "Object Selected"
10511 "选择的物体"
10511 "已选择物件"
// 【A condition in Editor】"Selected" doesn't mean "选择的(selective)" 
//      but "已选择(Have selected)".
10512 "AI Signal"
10512 "AI 信号"
10512 "收到 AI 信号"
// 【A condition in Editor】When [Received] an AI signal, it returns true. 
//      So please add a "收到(Received)".
10513 "Player Defeated"
10513 "玩家打败数"
10513 "玩家被击败"
// 【A condition in Editor】"玩家打败数” means "Number of defeated
//       players". "玩家被击败" is the right translation of "Player Defeated".
10518 "Units Garrisoned"
10518 "驻扎的单位"
10518 "已驻扎单位 >="
// 【A condition in Editor】Similar to "Killed Object". Moreover, it contains 
//      the function of "more or equal", so "多于等于" or ">=" is necessary.
10519 "Difficulty Level"
10519 "难度等级"
10519 "难度等级低于等于"
// 【A condition in Editor】When difficuty is less than or equal to XXX, it returns true.
//       To prevent misunderstand, please add the "低于等于".
10520 "Chance"
10520 "机会"
10520 "随机百分比"
// 【A condition in Editor】whose unit is [%]. So it greater to add a "百分比
//      (percentage)". And "机会" means "Chance" indeed, but "随机(Randomness)" 
//      fit the habit of Chinese expression better.


11555 "Tribute"
11555 "贡品"
11555 "进贡"
// 【An effect in Editor】"贡品" is a noun, instead "进贡" is right an action meaning "send tribute".
11560 "AI Script Goal"
11560 "AI 场景目标"
11560 "发送 AI 事件"
// 【An effect in Editor】Its function is "send an event to AI players", not 
//      "change a goal(目标) of AI". So I recommend "发送 AI 事件(Send AI Event)".
11562 "Task Object"
11562 "任务物体"
11562 "指派物体"
// 【An effect in Editor】The "任务物体” equals "mission object" as a noun in 
//      English. Instead, "指派" means "order objects to somewhere" as a verb.
11575 "Place Foundation"
11575 "地基"
11575 "放置地基"
// 【An effect in Editor,】You have forgotten to translate the "Place(放置)".

:two: Some Attributes names of effect【Modify Attribute】 in editor. ↓

12210 "Attack Reload Time"
12210 "攻击重新加载时间"
12210 "攻击间隔"
// 【Attribute name】"攻击重新加载时间" may be too long. I recommend
//       a more laconic one:"攻击间隔(Attack interval)".
// And "重新加载" is more like a term about computer (such as: "Loading code...Please wait...")
12214 "Carry Capacity"
12214 "运载能力"
12214 "资源携带能力"
// 【Attribute name】 "运载能力” may be confused with "驻扎容量(Garrison 
//      Capacity)" in Chinese. I recommend "资源携带能力(Resource Carry 
//      Capacity)", because this attribute decides the maximum amount of resource
//       a unit can hold on his body.
12216 "Projectile Unit"
12216 "炮弹单位"
12216 "投射单位"
// 【Attribute name】Projectiles are not only limit to "炮弹(cannonball)". 
//      It should be translated into "投射物(anything thrown/shot out from something)".
12218 "Terrain Defense Bonus"
12218 "地形防御奖励"
12218 "地形伤害加成 ID"
// 【Attribute name】This attribute stores an ID of terrain table rather than a 
//      rate value. Each terrain table corresponds certain bonus, however the 
//      bonus(加成) isn't about [Defense(防御)] but about [Damage(伤害)] ---- If 
//      the bonus is 1.2, that unit will get 120% of the damage when locating on certain terrain.
12221 "Amount of 1st Resource Storage"
12221 "资源储备"
12221 "首位资源储存"
// 【Attribute name】You have forgotten the "1st(首位)".
12222 "Blast Width"
12222 "爆炸广度"
12222 "溅伤半径"
// 【Attribute name】This attribute is not only limited to Blast, but also can 
//      be applied to any attack. So I think "溅伤(Splash damage)" fits its function better.
// As I test, I find the "Width(宽度/广度)" should be actually called "Radius(半径)" 
//      because the blast affects a circle instead of a square.
12308 "Garrison Heal Rate"
12308 "驻扎治疗率"
12308 "驻扎治疗速率"
12308 "驻扎治疗效率"
// 【Attribute name】"率" may be misunderstood as "比率(proportion/ratio)" in Chinese.
// To prevent ambiguity, I recommend "速率(speed)" or "效率(efficiency)".
12309 "Regeneration Rate"
12309 "再生率"
12309 "再生间隔"
// 【Attribute name】This attribute decides the Interval(间隔) of HP auto-heal.
// The larger value is, the more interval will be, the slower HP will recover.
// "Rate(率)" is positively correlated with HP recovering, distinctly improper.

:three: Some options in Editor panels. ↓

13033 "Villager Force Drop"
13033 "村民战力下降"
13033 "允许村民立即丢弃资源" // Recommendation [A]
13033 "禁用村民资源暂留" // Recommendation [B]
// 【An option in [Options] ( [Options] is among the top menus of Editor)】
// This is its explanation -- 30806 “Enable this option to have Villagers lose
//      resources when being retasked to a different type of resource node."
// "村民战力下降" means "villager's military capability decreased", entirely wrong.
// [A]. "允许村民立即丢弃资源" means "allow villager to discard resources immediately".
// [B]. "禁用村民资源暂留" means "disable villager's Temporary-Resource-Holding".
10770 "Description Order"
10770 "命令描述"
10770 "描述顺序"
10770 "描述显示优先级"
// 【An option at the right of Trigger detail panel】"Order" here can't be inter-
//      preted as "命令(Command)", instead, "顺序(Sequence)" is the right translation.
// "描述顺序" means "the order of description".
// Another recommendation is "描述显示优先级" meaning "the display pri-
//      ority of description", and this fit function more.
10825 "Force"
10825 "力量"
10825 "强制"
//【An option of Effect[Research Technology]】"力量" means "strength", "强制"
//       means "compulsorily execute”.
// This mistake has led to a wide misunderstanding in Chinese editors, "强制" 
//      is the right translation.
10845 "Queued"
10845 "已队列"
10845 "已加入队列"
// 【An option of Condition[Technology State]】"队列" is a noun in Chinese, 
//      not a verb. You may add the "已加入(joined)". 
// So "已加入队列" means "Joined queue".
11225 "Facet"
11225 "表面"
11225 "朝向"
// 【An option of Effect[Create Object]】It decides which angle the object will 
//      faces to, so I recommend "朝向(orientation)" instead of "表面(surface)".

:four: Some options in Setting. ↓

8897 "Shift Group Appending"
8897 "轮换编队添加"
98873 "Click to enable Shift Group Appending. This will allow you to select and merge multiple groups into one single control group."
98873 "单击启用轮换编队添加。此选项可让您选择并合并多个编队到单一控制编队。"
8897 "Shift合并编队"
98873 "单击启用Shift合并编队。此选项可让您选择并合并多个编队到单一控制编队。"
// You translated "Shift" into "轮换", but it should be reserved. And its function 
//      is to [merge(合并)] instead of [add(添加)].
// So the "轮换编队添加" should be changed to "Shift合并编队" which means 
//      “merge groups using Shift key".
8857 "Click-Drag Scrolling Button"
8857 "点击并拖曳滚动按钮"
IDS_OPTIONS_CLICK_DRAG_SCROLL "Click-Drag Scrolling Button"
8857 "拖曳式滚屏激活键"
// "拖曳式滚屏激活键" means "The key that activates the Click-Drag Mode Screen Scrolling". 
// "点击并拖曳滚动按钮" means "The button for click-and-drag scrolling", which loses the 
//      meaning of "Screen" and "Activate". Moreover, "点击并拖曳" is not laconic or written 
//      in comparison with "拖曳式".
// The new one fits its function better. Btw, it isn't too long(not longer than English one).
IDS_NEXT_DAILY_CHALLENGE_REWARD "Next Daily Challenge (Unlocked at 8am GMT)"
IDS_NEXT_DAILY_CHALLENGE_REWARD "下一个每日挑战 (将于格林尼治标准时间早上 8 点时解锁)"
IDS_NEXT_DAILY_CHALLENGE_REWARD "下一个每日挑战 (将于北京时间下午 16 点时解锁)"
// 【Daily Challenge in main menu】Beijing Time(北京时间) fits Chinese players better.

Part #3 ---- Translated a wrong string

5339 "Aachen Cathedral"
5339 "牦牛"
5339 "亚琛大教堂"
// "牦牛" means "yak". "亚琛大教堂" is right the "Aachen Cathedral".

:arrow_forward: GAME FILES

You can subscribe these 3 mods to see more strings I didn’t mentioned upon:

  • Localization Fix and Enhanced Data Tooltip
    (NOTE: Please open key-value-modded-strings-utf8.txt in folder “zh”, and jump to Line-921)
  • 编辑器专用 - 中文翻译优化与增强帮助
  • Age 2 DE Chinese Simplified - Fix 简体中文 - 优化

Have this been noticed by FE devs? :open_mouth:
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Oh, thanks a lot, Yorok0!

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Thank you for taking the time to compile all of these strings and corrections! I have passed them along to our localization team for review and implementation where necessary.

Thank you again! :+1:

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