🧙 999 (1153) Classic Taunts Pack

This used to be the 999 taunts used on Voobly ages ago.
I’ve removed many duplicates, normalized, repaired or resourced audio, researched origin of each taunt, organized, and added many new awesome taunts.

Let’s make this the standard again!

Link to Mod: Here
Link to complete taunt list: Here
Originally sourced from: Here

(As with any taunt pack, you may need to relaunch the game after installing this mod to be able to hear them)

Formerly:894 Classic Taunts
Formerly:999 (894) Classic Taunts
Now:999 (1153) Classic Taunts Pack.
That’s 1153 Taunts in addition to the standard 105 taunts. So these are taunts 106 - 1258

This update breaks the barrier and uses more than 999 taunts and goes all the way up to 1258 taunts!

I’ve added more:
Ace Ventura
Austin Powers
Monty Python
South Park
Family Guy
Rick And Morty

Billy Madison
Invader Zim and GIR
Lord of the Rings
Gordon Ramsay
Happy Gilmore
Pulp Fiction
Nigel Thornberry
Barack Obama
Donald Trump
Mr. Rogers

Still Rockin:
Wayne’s World
Army Of Darkness
Adam Sandler
Jim Carrey
Beavis And Butthead
Ren & Stimpy
Counter Strike
Star Wars
Star Trek

My favorite taunt 220 - “Uh oh Retard alert!”

is now gone and replaced with another, has it been moved or eliminated completely?

It was only moved, added some taunts before and after it, it’s now 243.