🧙 999 (894) Classic Taunts Update

I updated the 894 Classic Taunts mod using Vorbis now that Vorbis works.
Files are significantly smaller and sound just as good.
Swapped taunts 256 and 258 to be in proper order.
Complete list of taunts at https://github.com/merlinmadhat/Classic-Taunts

If you’re having trouble with the in-game mod browser you can download this mod from here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cclb5a4v8zy1fe/999_%2528894%2529_Classic_Taunts_Pack.zip/file
Just be sure to extract it to C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE\steamid64\mods\local\

Recommendations for other taunts are welcome, I’d like to replace about 40 of them anyway, specifically 946 - 984, but I can add more too.

I’d like to add:
FPS Doug - Fkn lag you POS!
Angry Beavers - Daggit - That was Nuts!
Happy Gilmore - Jackass!
Happy Gilmore - I eat pieces of sht like you for breakfast
Happy Gilmore - You eat pieces of sht for breakfast?
Rick - Your Boo’s mean nothing, I’ve seen what makes you cheer.
Snow White Dwarves - Heigh Ho
Pulp Fiction - Vincent - A please would be nice.
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Why the ■■■■’d you do that!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - All I wanna hear from your ■■■ is the cavalry is coming directly
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Correctomundo!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - English Mother Fkr Do You Speak It!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Fk ■■■■■ what the fk!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - fk you
Pulp Fiction - Jules - funny i was thinking the same thing
Pulp Fiction - Jules - get the fk out my face with that sht
Pulp Fiction - Jules - how you boys doin
Pulp Fiction - Jules - I just want to tell you it was a real pleasure watching you work
Pulp Fiction - Jules - I thought so
Pulp Fiction - Jules - I will never forgive your ■■■ for this, this is some fkd up repugnant sht
Pulp Fiction - Jules - I’d knock that sht off if I was you
Pulp Fiction - Jules - it’s almost over
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Just don’t put me in this position alright!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Just hang in there baby you’re doin great, I’m proud of you
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Look My Friend this is just where you and I differ
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Look, I ain threatening you, I respect you
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Oh Well Allow Me To Retort
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Sht Negro, That’s all you had to say
Pulp Fiction - Jules - sht yeah, got my technique down and everything, i don’t be ticklin or nothin
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Shut the fk, up!
Pulp Fiction - Jules - we should be fkn dead my friend, what happened here was a miricle
Pulp Fiction - Jules - well im a mushroom cloud layin motherfucker motherfucker
Pulp Fiction - Jules - Whats a matter
Pulp Fiction - well lets not start sucking eachothers dicks quite yet
anchorman - 60 percent of the time it works every time
anchorman - glass cage of emotion
anchorman - i am very important
office space - if they take my stapler i could set the build on fire
The Sandlot - You’re Killing Me Smalls
Bill Cosby
Invader Zim and GIR

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