A better approach at the Spanish (Mexico) Translation

I fixed the Mexican Spanish localization file, removing grammar and orthography errors, translating certain words into more suitable ones, and preventing inconsistencies. The file I edited is strings.txt, located under AoEDE\Data\Localization\MX.

Use this as the official Latin American Spanish localization if you want, devs. I did this entirely free, for love of the game. I don’t expect money in return.


Lol, I offered the developers the same thing, but they are silent( With Russian translate…

PS My translation was entered)


I did this previously, but decided to erase the post because nobody commented on it.

I will leave this here to see what happens. There’s no money involved, and I’m passionate about it, so I have hopes they will communicate with us.

Kudos to every dev or moderator reading this!

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Unfortunately, no one cares. I deleted a message complaining that the developers don’t read the messages, and they immediately stopped reading the messages( and I don’t think they will trigger my suggestion…


Yeah. Seems we are alone here. Sadly.

Yes. I was hoping that by volunteering, and demanding NO money in return, I would be considered. But that apparently does not guarantee anything.

I wouldn’t mind frequently updating the specific files to make language look good in-game, in an official way. I love Age of Empires, and it was a disappointment to come across a very bad translation, as Microsoft not only does very good translations for its Windows operating system, but also allow the community to review/give feedback on its features.

Maybe they don’t trust us enough to let us handle the translations. The irony is that the official translation is not polished at all, and speaks ill of Microsoft.

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I just updated it to be **FULLY compatible with Update 38862! :slight_smile:

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Same happens with French, actually…

I’ve seen FFA 8 Players being translated to : “chacun pour soir 8”

In English that would mean : “everybody for evening 8” (yep there’s a typo!) It sounded like a night club or something ROFL. And there are many more weird translations like that. “8 joueurs individuels” (8 individual players) would be shorter, more easthetic and just as accurate… You can’t just put your words into google translate and hope to get something that sounds ok… most of the time it doesn’t.

I eventually put the game back to English because I was tired of ■■■■■■ translation.


Feel free to use my edited version of the strings.txt file as the official one for Latin American Spanish.

Thanks for your support! I love the game!

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My version was still included in the official translation in 38862))) however, I was still working on it, so not all fixed errors(

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Good translation only in English, Russian (my) and Mexican Spanish (SlenderBadger)…

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The Chinese translation has typos in numbers

And what infuriated me at first was that the phrases and bonuses added in 38862 were not added or changed in all translations except English(((((

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Yeah. It’s really sad. I wish devs also include my fixed version of the strings.txt file so everyone that speaks Spanish can enjoy the game more.

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  • Improved the translation of certain words for more suitable ones.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies between the English and Spanish (MX) Tech Trees.
  • Added bullets to new items in Tech Tree, to be consistent with the one from the English one.
  • Other corrections and improvements.
  • Fixed some proper nouns being written as common nouns (entirely with lowercase), and vice-versa.
  • Changed some sentences to better reflect their english counterparts, and so they are consistent with the Spanish translation for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.
  • Other minor corrections.


  • Corrected some newly found orthographic errors.
  • Replaced an incorrect word with a more suitable one.


  • Corregidos errores ortográficos recientemente encontrados.
  • Se reemplazó una palabra incorrecta por otra más adecuada.

September 6th, 2020:

  • Minor edits to words being lowercase, and uppercase.
  • Minor text edits regarding “,” “.” and “/n”.
  • Replacement of a word that was used in a wrong way to refer to “cheat codes”.
  • Sentence fixes/refinaments.
  • Replacement of an English word with a Spanish one.

My latest update includes more of this too.

Now most, if not all errors were fixed. I also included a missing line that was somehow forgotten by myself, related to Solid Farms (one of the new features introduced in update 38862).

Changes have been made to certain terms and words so they better fit within the Definitive Edition wording style. Now the Latin American Spanish is more consistent with the Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition official translation in the same language.

Improvements and corrections were also made to multiple words and sentences.

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Months ago, I created a Steam guide showing a step-by-step installation of the mod:

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Maintenance update for build 46777:

  • Fixed typo in player names that were displayed incorrectly in English language instead of Spanish.
  • Fixed wording, and made some improvements to arguments using %s triggers.
  • Other minor improvements.
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