A DOCK is not a D!ck

DEVS fix your filter before implementing a filter. When playing nomad people want to identify the location of their docks for better coordination. But everytime we ping and say X dock is here it gets filtered out. Annoying af.


By having only one letter difference from both d!ck and c0ck, the filter concluded that dock certainly is way too suspicious and can’t be slipped through.

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seriously, dock has been hit now? 11111111111


When do they finally remove this…the game has been totally fine without any filter and chat delay


So I tested. Dock is fine (for me at least), but duck is not.

Evil obscene profane birds!


Alright lads, time to play some Truth or Dare! So here is the question and please answer honestly - Have you ever sucked a Big Black Dock?

Noooooooo! This discussion must not be closed because of these jokes. This is a bug which must be fixed… perhaps it’s a typo in the filter?

Doesn’t aoe1 have a filter that can be turned off?

These topics need to be pushed…omg pls remove the stupid chat filter and delay

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Everyone forgets that the filter is through Steam and Xbox live and has nothing to do with the game developers

Well there was a time without filter in this game, when it already had xbox and steam and stuff (yes, DE not HD). So why should that not be possible anymore?
Also delays of over a minute are not acceptable, but happen often. So here we are now: X-ing like crazy because message does not get delivered

the delays are due to it relaying from the servers it is hosted on (RelicLink). If it was in the game files it wouldn’t take time :slight_smile:

Ok, so its steam that cencors words like dock and other normal words? That doesnt make sense bro

It depends. If you a logged into Xbox Live, a different profanity detection system is used (RelicLink).

If not, it will use Valve’s system. This is why different words are censored depending on if you are logged in or not.

Its rather annoying that filter, even without being logged in. For example, when talking in dutch, hoe means how. If you put the question in the chat, your whole question is reduced to *** unfortunately.


Didn’t know about that, but in Vietnamese you can easily swear and there is no filter. So… words that are spelled with the english alphabet seems to suck on DE. :))))

Why don’t they just filter out the specific word that is being recognized as a “curse word” and leave the rest of the sentence?

That way it says “Where’s your ****?” instead of ******** **** ****?

I don’t know… it just makes more sense. I mean imagine on TV the censor editors bleeped out the entire sentence that a curse word was made. How would we even know what they were saying? “**** *** ****”?..