I go fc kn

This phrase is censored “i go fc kn” a vital information given on the first 5 min of the game (some may say the most important ones).

So as im a good boy i try to go past the censorship of demon words and give vital information (i G o Fast K a stl Knait)wasting precious seconds of apm.
How is censorship improving gameplay? I know i know… thread number 4873 about **** but its necessary, without constant protest a just cause would pass as a a lunatic rant.

Please stop the **** . im a 32 old guy that had aoe2 gifted from a passed relativ when it was released (1999?), not a kid… i DEMAND, to be able to choose if i want to see curse words on chat


Complains about bad words, 3 youtubers and 7 streamers.

Complains about the word filtering censuring everything, over 10 000.

We are not getting that thing removed or optional, but we are getting moar civs, can’t complain man SP don’t use chat at all.

Not quite that many, but a few…


Another attack on the SP community for whatever reason

Man, you really hate SP, don’t you?

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Attacking who? you don’t get it, what really matters is being ignored by almost a year now, but clearly you don’t care as you feel offended for no reason, otherwise you would be supporting threads against the censorship, but its easier to give likes and flag comments you don’t like.