A list of missing features, after playing for 6 hours

My first impressions of AoE4 are great, but there were a few downright downgrades coming from AoE2 - things that I expected to be implemented in a modern 2021 game. I come from AoE2 (rated among the top 1%).

There might be many more things, but these were the things i noticed were missing after playing for around 6 hours last night. I’m sure the dev’s backlog of things to look into is filled to the brim already, but here goes:

  • Mouse buttons as hotkeys
  • Customize modifier keys
  • Hitbox highlights on mouse hover option
  • Go-to hotkeys
  • Random civ option
  • Ability to choose color
  • Minimap feedback for waypoints
  • Larger and more correct hitboxes for selecting units and buildings
  • Ability to see the map after a game
  • Better statistics screen with more interesting information
  • Fully customizable hotkeys
  • The ability to move buttons in the UI
  • Basic UI customization
  • Ability to set the mongols stable/range to be the same hotkey as other civs
  • Option to disable or customize waypoints indicator lines and beams
  • Option to disable white fog, in the distance (accessibility)
  • Ability to have more zoom (combined with bigger hitboxes)
  • Ability to set a default zoom level
  • Shift click behavior for relic pickup and deer carcasses pickup
  • Select all hotkeys (for building types)
  • Ungarrison on the correct side of building and not in a clump
  • Fishing ships do not go idle and find the next fish automatically
  • Global queue
  • Customizable minimap (size, icons)
  • In-game leaderboard and player statistics

Not having the random civ option is a really odd feature to remove from the series, bring back auto-scout too!


I am missing healing

  • random map function

Auto Scout, Queue of movement, and a pause button for the campaign where you can make commands :frowning:

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I whole heartedly agree with this post!

  1. You should be able to close the auto-hints with a tiny X button or they should be removed after a certain period of time (to reappear if you hover over the unit/building in question).

  2. There should be a pause menu button on the in-game HUD.

  3. Zoom out further & the ability to both rotate buildings & rotate the camera using the mouse (like in AOE 3).


Also not being able to ring the town bell…




You can customise control groups. I confirmed this works. Thanks very much to @DGPstudios

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I miss a good campaign, I miss THE REST OF THE CAMPAIGNS… I miss content and I am done with those games half-finished… I miss the right scale buildings and units, I miss a good boats physics.

  • ability to view the map after the game ends.

  • ability to veto map types

This game has great campaigns.


Do you live in Alice’s Wonderland? The only campaign that is good is Mongols… And I am being very very kind.

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  • Siege enginear for siege weapon… ( can be done by ground military units.)

  • Place holder for each golden gosth.

  • Balistic projectile insted of homing projectile.

  • Allow units to push each other, insted of being static solid, like a building.

  • Allow to wall whit buildings.

  • Spread the attack of a group of units.

  • Building that are not square.

  • More range to pikemen.

  • Allow siege weapons attack when place in towers or keep.

  • Map editer, whit unit editer.

  • Color selection.

  • Animal life and plant life. ( map is sterile and dead)

  • Building roads for faster transportation.

  • Basic resource transportation to the construction site.

  • Units maintenance.

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Can you elaborate how they are bad?

THIS. Specially when you can see the effing bell in the building model.

oh so did you pay $60 for an unfinished game?

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What is a good campaign in your standards then? Mind sharing?

Mate, the boredom of the normans and french campaigns are almost a consensus in youtube… The players start to praise only in the mongol campaign. Not only the boredom, it’s extremelly confusing, dragged gameplay, the icons help 70% on that… The icons are not like in AOE2, 3 or Mythology, they are not intuitive, the icons are almost the same, all green, this cause a negative impact on campaign as well, because it’s not intuitive, you pay more attention on icons during the play in campaign than having fun. It’s extremelly SHORT… dull, conjusing gameplay in campaigns.