The release version of the game!

a lot is said about balance, bug fixed, and what can improve the game, however, when will we have a final version of the game?

when will we have all the missing things added to the game?
I’m going to list some threads of things that were missing from this game that we still need to have.

“for the moment I think the mod option for the community makes everything faster and can help in this process!”

how long do you think it will take for everything to be ok? or are we dreaming too much?


good question… but mods indeed release on the spring 2022 update so i think the game is going to be on a better state by then lol.

There’s not going to be a “final version” of the game. As with, literally, every major RTS, they are going to continue to balance, improve and add features for years to come. Just as with AoE2 and just as with SC2. They’ve even added four patches to the original Brood War this year, the most recent being last week.

Hopefully, it is 10+ years before we get a “final version of the game” as that implies that we won’t get updates an extra features.