A list of missing features, after playing for 6 hours

oh so did you pay $60 for an unfinished game?

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What is a good campaign in your standards then? Mind sharing?

Mate, the boredom of the normans and french campaigns are almost a consensus in youtube… The players start to praise only in the mongol campaign. Not only the boredom, it’s extremelly confusing, dragged gameplay, the icons help 70% on that… The icons are not like in AOE2, 3 or Mythology, they are not intuitive, the icons are almost the same, all green, this cause a negative impact on campaign as well, because it’s not intuitive, you pay more attention on icons during the play in campaign than having fun. It’s extremelly SHORT… dull, conjusing gameplay in campaigns.


Age of Mythology, play Age of Mythology and you will see an almost perfect game campaign.


Heh. I did play Age of Mythology. While I do enjoy the campaign story a bit, the weird counter system (compared with AOE2), myth units and sometimes difficult to pick god powers turns me off.
AOE4 campaign on the other hand, especially on hard difficulty, is challenging and need lots of management tasks being done in quick succession, yet it doesn’t lose much of the AOE2 counter vibe, so I could pick up quickly. To me, if anything would turn me down AOE4, its not because of the campaign, but more on UI/UX, gameplay design and serious bugs.

This is just an old build of the game , they will definitely add those at the release… Oh wait


agree with all/

top priority for me would be

more zoom options
customizable hotkeys, specifically mouse
minimap waypoints


Played all AOM and Titans Campaings 20 times. Still not bored. What a wonderful story.
“Anyone who threatens my home or my family will soon have a place in my dreams.”


No auto-scout is super weird


also no patrol or waypoints market on the map with flags like previous games

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Did they fix the town hall bell?

Agreed. I really miss this simple feature.

Ability to pause game in multiplayer is also absent also there is two more features missing from game .

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This is a huge oversight on the devs’ part, and I hope they fix it soon.

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I would really like to see patrol and guard option for units but not a requirement :slight_smile:

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ALt+right clicking like in aoe2 (to move units without attacking stuff) i don’t want my units to attack the farm, i want them to walk over it haha.

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They don’t care. They just wanted your money.

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at least theyre adding patrol…

I agree with most of this. What I want most is:

  • Game needs map veto system for ranked especially
  • UI customisation including minimap
  • In game leaderboard
  • More in game stats such as player’s most played civs, play time for each civ, wins losses separated by mode etc
    *A working end game stats screen. It is quite buggy, more detail here How Score works in AOE4
    *Ability to select a certain number of villagers on a resource using keyboard. I’ve tried holding shift + cycle worker key but doesn’t work
  • Select all TC Mapping
  • Pause option for MP

They don’t give you too much freedom about how to accomplish a mission. The missions are always telling you what to do and exactly how to do it.

They’re always 1v1 games. In other age games campaigns have allies, enemies. Allies betray you etc. And makes history feel very intense and dramatic.

They’re always of 2 types: Either start with a walled city, defend it from enemy waves (and then maybe go out and attack). Or Start with many troops and attack walled cities. Usually you can just spam mangonels and win most missions.

The maps are bland and there aren’t any interesting secondary objectives to scout out for the most part.

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