Can't select things pressing Ctrl

In almost every game , u select a unit/building then select another unit/building while pressing Ctrl , make both of them selected , this way u can choose specific units or buildings in a group . But in aoe4 when u select second unit wile pressing Ctrl , either it deselect first unit or it select all units of same kind in the screen .

It make selecting specific group of units difficult .

I request Dev’s to look in to this matter .

press SHIFT and you’re fine

Shift is used to que commend , not to select some specific units .

Also aprently u can’t remove specific unit from cntrl group

I entirely agree with you
I hope the production team sees it

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you can select specific groups by TAB , just select all units and switch with TAB around to your specific unit

that will lead to a specvific type of unitS , not to a specific unit ,

i mean u cant just tab select specifically 10 acher from ur mass of 80 army of mixed units including 20 archers

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