A lot of bugs

Game Version:

  • Build: Latest, 38862 But some of them have been there for a while
  • Platform: Microsoft Store (Everyone)
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (Local), Windows 10 (Cloud-PC). Total tested with 6 PC’s
  • Gamertag: Subraz0r


  1. AI stops completely; after 10-15 minutes the ai will stop completely. it wont renew farms, it wont build units or buildings. it wont even move.
    it happens quitte often and doesnt matter if you have allied AI or enemy AI
    Example: when playing with 1 friend and 6 AI, ALL of them will stop.
    attacking them for a moment will fix it. but only for like 5 minutes until they complete stop again.
    this wont happen every match, but still quitte often. like 4/10 matches
    Tested this one alote with different people and different pcs and even fresh installments.

2: Units getting stuck in each other and extremly bad pathfinding.
(When using the ''Attack move" function mostly). units will get stuck in each other. and a lot.
Not only that. like 20 procent of the units will go back and forth at some point. meaning they move for half the mini map for example, then going back.and over and over again. meaning you have to spend a lot of time to regroup them and/or unstuck them. this is even worse with ships. going everywhere execpt where they should go. (map coastal or narrows) (EVERY GAME)

  1. Sync error (different people and different pc’s and servers)
    around every 2 or 3 game everyone will get kicked because of a sync error. mostly at 30 minutes in the new game that was started. very annoying

  2. Kicked
    Sometimes a player in a multiplayer lobby will get randomly kicked . happend quite often aswell

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

Play the game on multiplayer with 1 friend and 6 ai. should take a couple of times
We tried on different pc’s , even shadow cloud pc’s, i tested with a friend aswell with my brother.



This game at this point is litterly not playable or enjoyable at this point.
Please excuse my english writing aswell, it is not my native language.


About your first issue: I had it a couple of times, but I cannot reproduce it. I cannot tell what causes it. I doesn’t happen everytime (e.g. if I play a scenario, it happened, if I exit and played it again - without changing any settings - it didn’t occure) and sometimes the AI works after some time has passed normal again during the game. The only thing I recognize is, that it happens usually on larger maps and with more players - like 6 to 8 players (had the issue already, when I played alone and with two friends against 5 AIs.

About issue two: Yeah, this happens sadly quite often and I hope they can fix this one day.


On issue 1, this is due to which ‘play’ method the ai chooses from the .ply file. Although there are about 6 play styles in there, it is totally chosen at random. You could write your own play style with triggers and add it to the list, but again it is totally chosen at random. That in combination with the default civilization will produce what you are experiencing. Note when that happens which civilizations it is and see if a pattern develops. I suspect some of the more economically geared civilizations cause it, which means the problem lies in either the ai or per file and can be modified.

On issue 2, yup that is on the top of our list to get fixed if the devs ever pay attention to us again. One thing that helps is do not group together chariots of any kind with anything else, swordsmen with archers, and infantry with cavalry. That helps cut down on the getting stuck on each other.

On issues 3 & 4, another of the top lists we hope they fix. One thing that can help is make sure all game files match. I discovered this by accident since I am the one that usually hosts. I changed my random map.per file so the computer would quit resigning. I didn’t change it on my brother’s computer. We couldn’t stay connected; once I fixed his to match mine, we could play again. Another potential issue is the Steam and Xbox overlays and any that record games. Try turning those off and see how it goes. Some have had success especially when playing across platforms.