A New Civ Coming But Who?

Twitter and Facebook age of empires accounts share this picture. I believe that it is new civ. I think it is Byzantines.

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I’m praying that it’s the Eastern roman empire and that they make them accurate to history. Give me my Greek civ in this game!

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Here’s my guess


Makes sense! Here’s hoping it’s true!

I think the real thing to note about this image is the medieval Greek mosaic in the background rather than the photo


if you look at the image from a distance, you can see some domes, and it is very colourful, whatever has coloured.
Maybe something that comes from the Baltic, I must say that with these colors the first thing that came to mind was the carryover to the Mongols, although not only them.

There are 3 pictures so 3 new civs?


One civ. Every Day they give us a photo. Last day they reveal the civ.

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there could be the kingdom of Hungary since there are the Teutonic Knights, or simply the Byzantines.

also because here we do not see them with the Romans.

in the screenshots, we see the Ottomans against the Byzantines, no I correct myself, in fact on the right he does not seem to wear Ottoman clothes, but Arabs.

It almost looks like Saladin, maybe it is something like Battle of Hattin.


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Well I think the photo is quite obvious… they are the Nameks:

Hahaha, kidding aside:
Although I once tried to make a Byzantine concept (well, “Eatern Roman Empire concept”), unfortunately it never occurred to me about an economic bonus or how to organize its troops, which of its historical units deserved to be unique units and which did not. On the other hand, there were already very nice concept models on the forum, and they had novel ideas.

If we talk about “Crusades” to the Holy Land, civs that were very involved and that would possibly have to be added to appear in the campaign would be:

1.- Eastern Roman Empire (Aka:Byzantines of Aoe2).- Technically the crusades were created to “Help” this empire and prevent the Arab advance. During all the crusades made at least to go to the holy land (because apparently there were also the Baltic crusades and the Nordic crusades), there were always one or two kingdoms that caused problems for the Byzantines. Either it was Richard the Lionheart, invading a Roman island to rescue his sister, or it was the Aragonese sacking Constantinople because they weren’t paid enough. The final straw was when the Latin Empire was created, and only the help of the Genoese Empire allowed the Romans to recover their lands for another 100 years.

2.- Ayyubid Dynasty.- They were practically the cause of the 3rd crusade. Technically it is already included in the description of the Abbasid Caliphate, along with the Mamluk Sultanate, so in theory they are there. Another thing is that while they were doing the campaign, realizing that many events would be better with new units or mechanics for the civ, (like naftanium or mamelucos), they might consider including them.

3.- Republic of Genoa.- I help with ships, transportation and the fearsome Genoese crossbowmen. In fact it surprises me because I once made a concept of civ (The Republic of Genoa: Civilization Concept). Although I suppose it will only be a temporary ally and a campaign civ, and we need to wait to a Italian DLC to see whem being released with Venice and Italian City States, or even Papal States.

4.- Timurid Empire.- a kingdom that was born from the ambitions of a single man, and that caused so much chaos in the Middle Ages that it could be considered the 2nd Attila, annihilating about 5% of the global population. Since he invaded many Islamic kingdoms, from the Mamluk Sultanate to the Delhi Sultanate, it would be good to take him out as an enemy of these civs for the campaign and as his own civ.

5.- Other Christian kingdoms.- No idea, there are quite a few kingdoms that sent troops: the Burgundians, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, the Kingdom of the Teutonic Knights, the Northern Kingdoms/Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). There is a lot of possible civs, although I suppose they will only add many them when they release a DLC for the Baltic Crusades.

6.- Spanish? /Kingdom of Castilla and Aragon.- Mainly the part of “Aragon”, they caused many problems to the Byzantines, although at first they were their allies, apart from the fact that they took over southern Italy, more specifically the kingdom of Sicily. , and several islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

7.- Other Islamic kingdom.- Only the Sultanate of Morocco and Al Andaluz come to mind, although its theme is more for the Spanish Reconquest, with the Kingdom of Castile and Aragon and the Portuguese, than the crusades to the Holy Land.

8.- Papal States.- I find it difficult at the moment, but just as they released Malta for AoE3, it is worth dreaming. Perhaps when there are enough Civs and the Italians themselves will be liberated, just like the Republic of Venice or Genoa.

9.- Cruzade Kingdom/ Latam Kingdom of Jerusalem.- Only as a campaign Civ, It did not last long enough for it to be considered its own civ, nor do I think it would have any landmarks, except let’s consider the iconic buildings of Jerusalem, although technically these were ruins and tourist attractions or religious pilgrimages, which not even the kingdom created but preserved from ancient times. I see it more likely that they release “The Teutonic Order” as a civ, as well as the “Teutonic Kingdom” of Estonia, but I think that’s more likely for a Baltic Crusades DLC.

Take care, My Greetings.


Yes, we will have at least one campaign of the crusades in the dlc…

It could be any civ, the truth…

We still don’t know how many more civilizations will be added besides the Japanese civilization. For all we know it might only be the Japanese. Time will tell!

I hope and pray that the Eastern Roman Empire will be added together with the Japanese but we will know for sure this Friday, hopefully we will know more then!


I recommend you watch the movie Kingdom of Heaven I think it’s a lot of themes with the upcoming expansion.


The Mamluk Sultanate or Ayyubid Sultanate with Saladin could be the Middle-Eastern civ

The building that is claimed to be the Hagia Sophia - I’m not sure if those are the minarets on the side or not. It looks too colourful, almost like decorated Meso-American houses.

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I don’t think it is.

Byzantine please, i’m very hopeful about it


In my opinion it will be the Greeks just as you think, everything alludes to them, although I would also bet on the Mongols (Chingis Han that would be beautiful). Well, we’ll see what comes of it, although I’d also like to see Saladin and the possibility of a battle for Jerusalem.


aoe4 already has mongols and mongolian campaign xD