A New Civ Coming But Who?

Byzantines right? Has to be…

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Hagia Sofia added the minarets after 1453 with the Ottoman conquest…

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Oh right, that makes sense. I hope it’s a Meso American civ. Would be good for variety.

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definitely not, that looks like dome of rock in jerusalem
look at the golden dome

I was about to comment this

yes I thought it acnhe I, even if it were, I do not refer at all to the construction at the top left but has the small one to the right, also if it were, resembles many domes, not only to that of Jerusalem, to count that the base seems square and not hexagonal, then there are other cups of purple color, which I don’t seem to see in Jerusalem. Even if it were, I refer to Saladin who tried to conquer Jerusalmme.


It skipped a lot of timelines in many of its campaigns, especially in the Mongol one.
They had to fight with the Delhi Sultanate, More Chinese dynasties, Japan, Korea, the Kingdom of Hungary, Volga-Bulgars, Cumans, Abbasids, The Mamluk Sultanate, Georgia, Tatars, Ayyubids, etc.
It touched the Rus, and Chinese a little bit, 1% of content only, out of the many major battles.
The medieval Mongol warfare is the longest, largest, and most successful in the history of humanity.
In the 21st century, the record is still not beaten. The USA couldn’t conquer Iraq etc. in 10 days, like the Mongols, and defeat 16 civilizations in a single campaign, in which the Mongols did it twice.

That’s true, they wasted being able to put in two missions, one against the Abbasids and another against Delhi…

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The game has so much potential, that they should add campaigns that are named by the leader, like the ones in AOE2.
Attila’s campaign
Saladin’s campaign etc
It will leave a lot of content to add later for each civ.

This is difficult, because the campaigns of AoE 4 are like those of AoE 1 that cover several centuries…they are very extensive chronologically like those of AoE 1 but at the same time more scripted and limited than those of AoE 3…

The Abbasid campaign is going to be one of all the Crusades, not just one… the one of the Ottomans similar to that of the Rus… the one of Delhi similar to the Mongol one and so on…

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But this is the Blue Mosque, not Hagia Sophia you know?

They took the idea from Hagia Sophia when they made the Blue Mosque so it looks similar.

No I didn’t know, thanks for the clarification. however very similar, I do not think that in the photo published there is Hagia Sophia.

I never got into it thoroughly and I thought it was that they had changed Hagia Sophia after the conquest of Constantinoplus.

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100% Byzantines I can tell it by the colours!1!!!111!!!

My guess is that the green parts are grass, the Orange are roofs (military building because colour coding) purple blobs might just be units.
The desaturated parts are impossible to guess.
In the bottom right corner might be water.

Well, so far:

  • I think many of us already see at least 1 DOME in the image.
  • The black spot could be many things, but the only theory that matches the Dome is: “A Byzantine city being attacked by Ottoman bombardments.”
  • The color of the dome and that area seems to be really part of the deliberate distortion of the image. What it does seem because there is too much White is that it has a light color tone.
  • The photo was promoted with a background of what appears to be a Mosaic. I looked up information about mosaics… and it turns out that the Romans (aKA: Roman Empire) invented it.

There is a good chance that they are Byzantines (aka: Eastern Roman Empire). Other possibilities of civilizations with Domes that are very likely NOT be:

  • Abassi Caliphate, Delhi Sultanate, Ottomans, Russ: Already in the game, discarded
  • Kingdom of Jerusalem, Crusader Kingdoms, etc.- I doubt it, first because the Dome of Rock was not built by them, but by the Umayyad Caliphate (pre-Abbasid) and then it was rebuilt by the Abbasid Caliphate, which It’s already in the game. Now, curious note: The Dome of Rock was known as Templum Domini, and was used as inspiration to build other cathedrals and churches. In fact, it is built where the 2nd Temple of Jerusalem used to be. It was used as a Church during the duration of the Kingdom.

Other civilizations with domes:

  • Italians.- The image is in a desert, because of the yellow background, I doubt it is them.
  • Sultanate of Morocco.- Green domes, doubtful but theoretical.
  • Timurid Empire.- Turquoise domes, doubtful but theoretical.
  • Bulgarians:” Red domes, doubtful but theoretical. Churches based on Roman Architecture.
  • Eastern Roman Empire”: White and red domes, white marble for some structures.

At first I thought it looked like the Al-Aqsa (“Dome of the Rock”) as well, indicating Jerusalem, which would be strange since Jerusalem belonged to the Caliphate and later the Ottoman Empire for most of AoE 4 time.

But there are other purple elements which might suggest the Roman Empire (“Byzantines”), a far more worthy civ; because purple is the royal color of the new Roman Empire.

Anyways the only truly eternal civ is Persians.

Well, that is a way to limit content.

Maybe its not a civ… maybe its a screenshot from saladin campaign the siege of jerusalem