A New Civ Coming But Who?

Come to think of it… the original message didn’t say it’s a new Civ, but rather “something new” to show us. It could be as you say, a teaser for the new campaign, and that is the Dome of the Rock.

So this topic has deviated from the truth from the beginning.

That’s more because the standards for warfare are different now. The US could willy-nilly carpet bomb Iraq into submission in a brutal manner, but they’d be criticised for the overwhelming damage and it’d be labelled a genocide. So they had to be more restrained and try to limit collateral damage. The Mongols won so quickly because they had no qualms squashing civilians like bugs. It’s a lot easier to get enemy armies and rulers to submit quickly when they know their families and homes are not off-limits.

Tbh i think it’s not gonna be byzantine (Byzantine may still be included)

I still think it’s gonna be the Crusader States
Represented by Jerusalem.

But I actually do not think thats a landmark representing a Civ in the western hemispehere.
It most likely another Japanese landmark, or, perhaps, even Korean. (Consider the pink Sakura trees)

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The Mongols burned the first to make an example, then the rest surrendered without any resistance. It was much wiser and the war ended faster. In less than a year. In the end, they lived their way and prospered with the Mongols. The Mongols took the local culture easily and even created their own empire like the Golden Horde, Ilkhanate, Chagatai, Yuan, etc. People in most regions thrived.

The US continued its war for many years, annihilating all the economy and people. The end result was a devasted nation.

Honestly my friend, allow me to say this is a very interesting and popular myth, but not really true for 5 reasons:

1- the “Mongol Empire” (not) was in fact a Turco-Mongol Confederacy; the most important parts Ilkhanids, Golden Horde etc were in fact semi independent and mostly Turkic

2- its timespan was too short

3- Turco-Mongol armies took advantage of fragmentation, but lost many battles against Delhi Sultanate, Mamluk Sultanate, even lost against Vietnam, Hungary and Majapahit, so in the end its win rate wasn’t the all-time highest. The Ottoman Empire had a much higher win rate in AoE 4 time

4- the extraordinary Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great and Darius ruled over 44% of world population with zero massacres, and they invented Human Rights (Cyrus’ Cylinder and edicts) and cultural and religious freedoms changing the future of Humanity forever, and Persia became world’s strongest power again during Roman times (destroyed Roman Army several times), and a again a world power many, many times for milennia; Turco-Mongol Empire ruled 24% world pop at peak with countless massacres, then disappeared quickly forever.

In direct comparison, Persia is infinitely superior, the eternal civilization of Humanity.

5- I don’t know if we should talk contemporary politics like the Iraq War, but you’re right the USA destroyed Iraq but could never force its people to accept American rule. Today everybody agrees it was just an ugly, shameful episode of breaking International Law, not really a “conquest”

I hope it’s an interesting civ, one of the most important in the world during the Middle Ages, full of unique units and buildings, fun to play, and named for the people and not some government. Something like the Maya, the Persians, the Byzantines, etc.

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Well, that is a false speculation, because just look at the conquered land brother.

Well, that is another propaganda too. There is simply not enough evidence to prove it.

It’s successor was conquered by the Mongols in just 2 years.

It is a different one.
They conquer poor nations with oil, gas etc. with puppet leaders.
In Syria, the USA took control of 1/3 of the land and stole $100 billion worth of oil and is continuing that exercise in many countries around the world.
And they place their military bases illegally, and the United Nations does not take any action, because its base is located in the West and has a huge US influence.

You can say that, but the Mongols created the World’s most powerful countries and peaceful period in human history. Many people forget about this fact and just talk about the war.
You can look for Pax Mongolica.
Such as Russia, China, Iran, etc. All against the West. Helped with its unification, safety, prosperity and growth in population.

Well, it is the Turko-Mongol empire, all the leaders were forced to marry a Mongol.
That is how they get rights under Chinggis Khan’s name.
Even Tamerlane had a Mongol Mother.
His desire was to become the next Chinggis Khan.
But couldn’t achieve it.

Also, a crucial part of the Mongol Empire was the Yuan Dynasty of Mongolia.
It was the main homeland that produced the silk and connected the Silk Road from the East to the West.
With the trading route, Moscow, the Middle Eastern part heavily developed and prospered.
This is why Tamerlane was so eager to push towards the Yuan Dynasty to save the Mongol stand against the Chinese rebellion.

Will we get this DLC by the end of the year?

Well, it is what it is…the budget is short and they try to reuse all the assets they can (including missions)…

Yes, I agree…I am between Jerusalem and Byzantium…

Just like China and maybe Japan too…

Yes, in October like last year…

My topic and my civ spectulation is true after all. :grin::grin::grin:

someone on facebook share this can you guys confirm if its legit? Byzantine Civ he said.

It is official Byzantines.

Are those aqueducts I see?

And perhaps vineyards in place of farms?

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I would like to see the Timurid Empire at some point…units like: Persian style cavalry, War Elephants and Chariots, would be incredible.

Yes, they are buildable and serve to boost nearby farms/vineyards, through cisterns…

It is difficult for us to see the Timurids if the Mongol civ reaches 1500 (that is, the Timurids are already within the Mongol civ)…


Since I studied the Timurids for a concept (and for the Tartary concept joke, hehe) I think that in theory if there can be Timurids, they do not contradict the Mongols in the game.

They are the Golden Horde, the Mongol horde that still had the customs and idiosyncrasies of Genghis Khan’s Mongols in the 15th century, but with firearms, at least to defend their “captured” cities. Their only difference from the Mongols in the game is that in 1315 Öz Beg Khan banned ######## and Buddhism and made Islam the state religion. Although technically the Mongolian base religious building of the game is the Ovoo, the prayer tents and their technology in 4th age “Monastic Shrines” to act as Ovoo, it exists precisely to remember that the Mongols also converted to Buddhism and Islam in some of his khaganates (or at least that’s how I interpret it).

They stopped being Mongols, they lost all the Mongolian idiosyncrasy and became sedentary. In fact there is a parallel between the Timurids and the Macedonians of AoE2: Both changed radically for one man. The Macedonians were refounded by Alexander the Great, the Timurids were refounded by Tamerlan from the Ilkhanate, which merged 3 concepts: Muslim ####### ###### + Khanate of Chagatai + The end justifies the means.

At that time, the Persian region was a Sunni Muslim Sultanate known as the Khorezmite Empire, which became independent from the Abassid Caliphate. In the year 1270, the Mongols conquered this empire, who at that time were “the Persians.” They called the new kingdom Il-khanate. The Mongols of that il-khanate still had the dealings of the Ao4 civ, their shamans had adopted Tibetan Buddhism, they had horse armies, etc.

The detail is that something curious that happens with anyone who rules Persia is that they become Persian. The khans apparently converted to Islam to please their people, in practice they did not respect Islam.

Tamerlane was a khan of another khaganate to the east or right of Persia, the Khaganate of Chagatai. He managed to seize power over the entire Khaganate and then conquered the Ilkhanate. Being a Mongol emperor who ruled two kingdoms, it was not enough. Since Tamerlan, the Ilkhanate stops calling itself that, merges with the territories of the Chagatai Khaganate and creates its own dynasty: The Timurid.

The guy lived long enough to ruin half the world, invading almost every kingdom in the vicinity, from the Delhi Sultanate, to the Abassid Caliphate, and even against the Ottomans. Not even other Mongols were spared, they also declared war on the Golden Horde. In fact, Tamerlane himself had plans to invade China, if not for the fact that he died of old age before completing it.

During the time he was king, with the spoils of his conquests and plunders, he made Samarkand the capital of his empire and filled it with one. a new architecture: Timurid architecture. He built many mosques, madrassas and palaces, and invested in art and sciences.


  • At the moment, there are no civs with Timurid Architecture in the game. The Mongols recreate the base architecture they had as nomads, and the Landmarks are from the cities they founded in the northern part of China, while the Yuan Dynasty existed.

  • The Timurids would have their own architecture, and probably considering that the most favored ethnic group of the same khaganate were those currently called Uzbeks, they would speak Uzbek.

  • That is why I say that there is a clear path for the Timurids, although it should be considered whether they would also cover the period of Babur, the guy was practically Uzbek and was technically a descendant of Tamerlane, only that he later made his invasion and conquest of India.

  • It could also be considered that they would be the representation of the Tatars of Age II, only without the Keshik, which is now a Mongol unique unit.

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The game is good. I’m waiting for the update :heart:

Yes, at the beginning of the Rus campaign (1238) they are Mongols, but by the battle of Kulikovo (1380) and the conquest of Moscow (1382) they are the Golden Horde and by the Encounter at the Ugra River (1480) and the siege of Kazan (1552) are Tatars…

Return of Rome,not AoE 2…

Good point, that’s true…

Babur was descended from Tamerlane on his father’s side and from Genghis Khan on his mother’s side (Qutlugh)…