A new trash unit?

What would you like to see as a new trash unit for a new civ? Mix up the skirmisher, spearman, and scout meta. A trash unit is a unit that does not cost gold.

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New trash for what purpose?


Give the meta a shake and see what falls out.

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I mean counter which military unit type. Hussar counter siege and monks. Skirm counter spear+ archers. Spears counter cavalry. What should that unit counter?

Maybe buildings and ships?

Some time ago I made this thread:

Hypothetical Trash Unit ideas

It startet with 3 new units and one adapted already existing (genitour). But it became more and more and also contains some entire Civ Concepts designed around using these trash units.

Well… we have trash infantry/range/cavalry. What about trash siege and ships? ^^


I also made proposals for this.
Cumans could get Trash Rams (ot Siege Rams)
and there could be a “Boarding Ship” Constructable by infantry without docks that would be trash aswell.

Trash petards after researching a unique tech.

Like Arsonist which has good pierce armor and bonus vs buildings, ships and siege, trains from siege workshop and cost only food and wood. It attacks enemies with torch its either melee or has range 2-3.

A trash kind of eagle warrior. Fast, cheap but weak. Good vs archers in large numbers and siege

You missed ranged cavalry.

We can have more civs accessed to Genitour

Its a UU where allies can train them so its kinda global already.

Infantry. Now we can properly buff infantry without thinking about it becoming OP in no gold situation.


idk if we had exact this idea already, but definitely similar:

For like 1/3 of the civs they could not get MAA but instead a “Maceman” upgrade. The Maceman first turns the Gold cost of the militia into wood, but also has 0 pierce armor. It benefits from supplies, but doesn’t get Gambesons (nromally, exceptions can possibly be made). Instead of the Pierce armor it gets minimal more attack (1-3 depending on the age than the militia line and also gets a solid bonus against Infantry.

One tweak that could possibly be done for that is to give militia +5 HP and +1 Atk but lose the Pierce Armor in the exchange. So the Maceman upgrade wouldn’t “lose” 1 PA.

The Maceman could be given primarily to civs that otherwise lack good anti-Infantry options and/or have bad scaling Infantry themselves. And currently almost never use the miltia line.

I think there could be a trash counterpart to Eagles, partly so native american civs have more regional units

Macemen to counter other infantry types.

A trash ranged ship that is relatively cheap but gets good bonus damage against villagers and fishing traps. It receives no bonus damage against other ships.

Only in team games and trash in team games …

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