Purely hypothetical Ideas for new trash units

OK, here is my first Civ Concept elaborated:

The Swiss

Infantry and Monk Civilisation


The Swiss Eidgenossenschaft formed during the middle ages as a confederation of individual statelets. As they knew if they fought separated they would have had no chance against the oppressive lords, they formed an alliance but each “Kanton” kept a lot of independence. Opposed to many beliefs the Swiss actually fought also in a lot of inner conflicts, but when threatened from outside they recollected to fought it of together. The fighting Spirit of the Swiss was legendary, the land not very attractive and hard to occupy and hold. So it was only a question of time until foreign powers hired Swiss mercenaries to fight on their side.

The Swiss revolutionized Infantry Warfare with their concept of the “Gewalthaufen”. Instead of having individual corps armed with different weaponry for different utility, the Gewalthaufen consisted of different weaponry put together in one single battalion. This way it was armed for every opponent and combat situation. Some Soldiers who boosted the company with their fighting spirit and will to battle were paid double (“Doppelsoeldner”) to reflect their importance for the battalion. They would also be made responsible for retreats and losses and often fought on front and center. Who deserved to be paid double was usually determined by the soldier corps itself instead of the hiring Lords and countries.

Civilisation Bonusses

The Swiss had a very tough time whilst oppressed by the lords and robber knights and adapted with walling their settlements. They can build Stone Walls and Gates in Dark Age.

As they are used to the rocky Terrain of the alps, they can find nutritional ressources while working on that rocky terrain. They collect 25 % food while mining Stone.

In the Alps, there is never a shortage of Stone. The Swiss can collect 1/3 more Stone from Stone Piles.

As they are hardened by the rough terrain where you often had to camp on the open. All their foot soldiers need only 60 % population space. (includes archers, skirms and HC)

As they are used to mountain terrain, they developed strategies to fight uphill. Swiss units don’t receive any bonus damage from uphill.

The natural beauty of the Swiss landscape and their culture of freedom enticed the opponent soldiers to affiliate with them instead of fighting them. Swiss Monks slow down enemy units while converting.

Unique Technologies

Castle Age: Gewalthaufen (Swiss Mercenaries)

30 s, 1050 F, 450 G
Enables to build 10 free Doppelsoeldner in Team Castles. Doppelsoeldner trained this way need longer to train (30 s instead of 20). Can be researched Repeatedly.

This Tech reflects the Mercenary use of Swiss infantry from various external powers.

Imperial Age: Alpsaenger

75 s, 300 F, 100 G
Monks can heal multiple units at once (1 tile radius)

Nothing is more healing than the chant of angels from the sky.

Unique Units
Name Shieldman Elite Shieldman
Armor Class Infantry Infantry
Produced at Barracks Barracks
Production Time 10 s 10 s
Production Cost 15 F, 10 W 15 F, 10 W
HP 50 60
Speed 0.9 0.9
ROF 4 4
Attack 1 1
Atk Bonus 2 vs Archers 2 vs Archers
Range - -
Accuracy - -
Melee Armor 0 0
Pierce Armor 2 2
Benefits from Infantry Upgrades Infantry Upgrades
Upgrade Cost 100 s 300 G, 500 F
Special Consume only half Population space
Name Doppelsoeldner Elite Doppelsoeldner
Armor Class Infantry (+3) Infantry (+4)
Armor Class Unique Unit (+4) Unique Unit (+6)
Armor Class Monk (+2) Monk (+4)
Produced at Castle Castle
Production Time 20 s 20 s
Production Cost 45 F, 75 G 45 F, 75 G
HP 120 140
Speed 0.9 0.9
ROF 2 2
Attack 10 Melee 12 Melee
Atk Bonus 5 vs Infantry 8 vs Infantry
2 vs Standard Building 3 vs Standard Building
Range - -
Accuracy - -
Melee Armor 3 5
Pierce Armor 1 2
Benefits from Infantry Upgrades Infantry Upgrades
Upgrade Cost 80 s 400 G, 1000 F
Special Regeneration (20 / min)
Can Heal nearby units (at half speed)
Tech Tree

Infantry: Full infantry Upgrades, no Eagle Warrior

Archers: No cavalry Archers and Parthian Tactics, but fully upgraded Archers, Skirms and Hand Cannoneers

Cavalry: Only access to light Cavalry and Cavalier. No Husbandry, Bloodlines and also missing the last armor Technology

Siege: Heavy Scorpion, Capped Ram, Siege Tower, Onager and BBC, but no Siege Engineers

Monks: Full Monk Tech Tree

Defences: No Architecture, no Fortified Walls, no Hoardings. Also no Bombard Towers. But towers up to keep, heated shot and arrowslits. Also Treadmill Crane, Town Watch and Town Patrol.

'Economy/Trade: All economy techs available except Two-Man Saw

Water: Kinda bad, haven’t decided yet. Probably just missing all the Imp Techs (except heavy demo , dry dock and cannon galleon)

Team Bonus etc

Palisades have +2 / +1 Pierce Armor

Castle: Schloss Chilon

Wonder: Matterhorn (or Cathedral Notre Dame in Lausanne)

3818 - Riffelberg - Matterhorn viewed from Gornergratbahn.JPG