A question about triggers

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask, FTP <<<

I’ve started making some scenarios recently and I’m not too familiar with all the triggers/resources available. I was trying to make a (semi) random system for a gun-game scenario so that everyone would have the same random progression. I made custom units in a data mod for it, and wanted to have them in a lineup as replacements

As in spawn the unit on chance timers and send it down a line, like this:
X ---------> [ ]

However, using the replace unit trigger can’t choose the replace-er with select area. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile and haven’t managed to come up with anything besides strict progression or a hundred triggers. Any help appreciated, sorry if it’s a really obvious solution

You want your unit to be upgraded into another after some amount of kills?
You can edit the “Death Unit” of each unit, so when he dies he becomes another unit
So when u want the unit to be upgraded u simply modify attribute and kill him

Yeah, that’s what I wanted to happen, but I wanted it to be from a random list. Thanks for the reply, I went ahead and just made it with a pre-determined list.

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