A random thought on the Brits

People have been complaining about Brits lacking the ability to counter heavy infantry in the late game.
Giving longbows a higher counter heavy infantry bonus (through the Yeoman card maybe) is a simple and effective way but that might make longbows too powerful considering their range.
Giving them a huge buff on Artillery is not really very “historically accurate”.

Here I came up with some options that may be more fun and historically accurate:
(1) Give them an infinite skirmisher card in Age IV.
(2) I like the design of sipahis/urumis. Maybe we can add a unit like “Green Jacket” or “Rifle” or “Ranger” or sth alike, which is a strong skirmisher, maybe 2 pops just like in the Napoleonic Era mod, that can only be obtained through a few cards and church technologies (we can change the Rogers Rangers technology just like the Nizam Reforms for Ottomans).

My rationales:
(1) Contrary to the depictions in game, Brits were really famous for their use of light infantry with rifles in the Napoleonic Wars.
(2) Brits already have a very strong early game economy. Giving them an all-round military in the early game will make them OP, but we can add a good later-game unit that do not interfere with their early game.
(3) We already have a lot of unique skirmishers. Adding another unique regular unit seems redundant, and may overlap with cassadors, etc. However, just as sipahis have approximately the same function as cuirassiers, we can also do this for the British “skirmishers”.

Same rationale can also be applied to adding musketeer-like units for Germans and Dutch.

I’m mainly a brit player. And I’d say i’m kind of good with them.

LB are already buffed from vanilla, as you don’t need a card to up them IV. I don’t see the point of adding skirmishers as LB are doing the same job.

I’d say it’s one of the few factions I have nothing to say on, they’re perfectly designed. Don’t touch my brit ;(

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When you say HI, do you mean musk type units? Or halb type units? Lbow beat muskets late game. If you are having issues against halb or samurai type units, mix in some musks as a meatshield.

Just use some more falconers behind your musk meatshield??

Grenadiers also can work with all the cards for them.

Age 2 lb are great, much better than crossbows that force ample ports or Germans or Spanish need to use.

As stated before Age 3 you can also play the grenadier card or just use falcs or just brute for with your own heavy Infatry.

while historically they did have some of the first and best rifles, its represented through their royal decree rogers rangers. however ensemble wanted to emphasize longbows for brits and didn’t want them overshadowed by skirmishers.

id agree with lowering longbow base damage and ranged resistance in favor of a lower wood cost and a larger heavy infantry multiplier. they perform too well vs their counters and light cavalry/infantry while being outclassed by skirmishers with rifling against heavy infantry, leaving brits in a weird spot.

Actually, an excellent way. Longbows can’t exactly kite. So, it’s fine.

If I remember right, it was historically accurate to give them strong artillery but that would be OP. There are many civilizations that are heavy on artillery anyway : Ottomans, Swedes, Portuguese, French

They do have 13 Cherokee riflemen (nerfed from 25)

Don’t add a new unit. That’s more complicated.


Simple: Modify the Yeomen card to give them a stronger heavy infantry multiplier. Up from 1.25 to 1.5
OR buff the grenadiers making them take only 1 pop.

You said it yourself. It’s redundant.

That’s not really a buff. Almost everyone shipped the Yeomen card. It was never meant to be like you need the Yeomen card to access the guard and imperial upgrades - that was bad design. If Yumis can be upgraded to guard and imperial without a card, why the British?

If by Light cavalry, you mean ranged cavalry, that is NOT a counter to them. I think light infantry like Voltigeurs, Neddle gunners, Cassadors do take them out.

Their counters are heavy cavalry - hand cavalry like Hussars, Uhlans, Cuirassiers, Lancers, etc and any artillery except Culverins and Mortars. They get pretty hard countered by both,