A way to add more civs

Me and juggernaut tried to add more civs by replacing other existing civs… not data mod , just graphix… I think more modders can be inspired from this idea and come up with new civ ideas … Want to see what everyone can do , so ill leave it here

civs :


Where to download it?

Interesting will give feedback. Looks very promising :slight_smile:

@Szaladon This is a very interesting mod for fans of new civs. If the devs could update the modding tools to implement better civs, these creators can basically can create their own version of “Wars of Liberty” for AoE 2 DE.

For those who don’t know “Wars of Liberty”, it’s a massive mod from AoE 3 containing almost all nations with new maps and other rework mechanics. Basically a whole new game within a game.

Check their website: http://aoe3wol.com/

Won’t happen. The WOL devs said that in their Discord.

I didn’t say Wars of Liberty for AoE 3. Lol what I mean is that these mod creators can have their own version of “Wars of Liberty” for AoE 2 DE if modders are given proper support like updated modding tools, etc. This is the only way to add “more civs” in the game, don’t expect any more new civs.

Ohh, sorry. Read too fast. AOE2:DE doesn’t allow adding civs without removing others though.

I’m gonna test the mod first. If that’s the case then there should be improvements to be done so modders can finally add their own civs without removing others.

most likely because they are scared that fan-made stuff will outperform their own game, which is very likely.
There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t be able to add new civs, the devs of AoE2 deliberately blocked this kind of modding, as it was possible to add civs in the old Aoe2, its the same Engine still


HD didn’t allow it due to DLC content, but if they truly do not want to add new civs to DE, there’s really no reason to not allow it.

Indian Civilizations Mod

UHD support and more preview images uploaded.

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for those who say they wont add more civ, we all knew it was coming. when theres money envolved they’d always do it it wasn’t matter of if, but when.

now it maybe clear to us they wont ever let us add civ and would just pump out DLC for money…

they may after they are done adding dlc

i hope so man! 20char