About buildings size, please devs

Yea, tell me about it. There are so few textures that the resemblance is impressive. That’s actually a free to play game right now. Just wow.


Even the ram is identical
Im speechless…


I am worried, I mean, I know age 4 will fail so bad but I am concerned for my COH3, after relic fail with Dawn of Moba and age of cartoon 4, I think the studio will be shutdown and company of heroes 3 will never exist.


i totally agree buildings from 2019 looks way better


If you were following the dev drama diary since 2017 you will know that at some point an angry relic employee made a review on glassdoor making clear his own concerns about the direction that the game was taking and that they were ‘one more bad game away’ for the studio to really shut down.

Last year another one who used to work in Rockstar and was hired for some AI stuff If I remember correctly resigned while characterizing some of the programmers “shockingly unintelligent”.

I found the first one for you


Yeah, that proportion of things turned me on back then!


Absolutely agree. The X019 looks better in perspective, with better scaled buildings and units. I hope they tweak this a bit, or at least they add a toggle option between realistic and easily readable visuals. If we have seen in both demonstrations the two different styles, they should be able to bring both at release.


Hi everyone,

first of all, i really like graphics of the game and i think devs made an amazing work with enviroment, units, effects, ilumination, etc. I’m not of the idea -very common in a lot of users of this forum- that graphics are cartonish. First because the graphics are a perfect balance of realism and gameplay-focused on a RTS (maybe prioritizing this last point). And second, because Age of Empires series never pointed for hiperrealistic graphics and i think that’s perfectly fine.

My only recommendation or complain is that building sizes could be a little bit bigger. Not like a simulation game because that would be completely unpractical and won’t fit with the gameplay and the game (an series) spirit overall.

But, besides all pointed out, i think that game could benefit from buildings 15%-20% bigger than they are in current state of the game. And maybe doors of the buildings 30-40% bigger than now. I think that won’t break game mechanics and, on contrary will give a little more of inmersion

(Sorry for my english)


This is definitely what made me feel that something was different. I loved the 2019 trailer, but something in the Fan preview gameplay reveal felt odd, and it’s clearly the building vs unit scale. Of course it can’t be realistic, that’s impossible to play with, but the 2019 trailer size scale looks perfect, this image shows that this was changed, and now it looks very weird.
I still love the gameplay, the landscapes, units, battles and the game in general. With some texture, color, saturation and size changes it would be way better.


Please, understand us. Buildings don’t need to be 100% proportional. Just similar to AoE2. There’s no need to put enormous buildings which fill the map. But there are buildings that are tinier than their hitboxes. And others only should be enlarged a bit.

It’s possible that this doesn’t have importance for you, but those details are very important for many people.


No one is really talking about perfect realistic unit vs building scales. That would be impossible to play. People are just expecting something closer to realistic than it is now. specially when comparing with Aoe2 and 3. The proportions in 2019 were just right, now they are noticeably different.


@Tapiseiro @Morigandois That’s fair. I’m perfectly okay with tweaking the size of the buildings up a bit. I was concerned about realism for unit and building scale which is as you say, impossible to play.


Just about everything looked better in the 2019 demo. Arrows, units, scale, effects, shadows.


Yeah, but given the immense scale of the “cities” they’re showing, it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to ask them to at lest do x1.5 on all buildings.

The coolest thing for me so far, are the walls!
Since i’ve played Empire Earth 3 (if i’m not mistaken), that i love the idea of putting archers on walls.

Also the sheer scale of them, looks amazing!


Agree the proportions are terribel


Best and most professional response so far in this thread!


If you compare the above photos to these, you should go to the ophthalmologist



someone who makes a sensible comment at the end

there’s nothing particularly flattering in the images that you spam everywhere. Some of them are taken from cinematic angles and were used for marketing purposes like the Indian one that was put as a preview on youtube.
Some others are straight out miserable with horrible lighting like the sixth one. If you find that good then you really need this ophthalmologist.
The textures are very low for a new AAA game which begs the comparison with a tiny free game like empires apart with almost no textures at all.


We’ll wait and see for the game to come out already, it’s nonsense to speak so strictly

I have a question for you, would you take it if the game comes out like this?