About Inca Balance (Updated)

Hey, It would not be wrong to say that there has been a positive development regarding inca balance since the release, however, there are some parts which would benefit balancing even more if could be remarked. Here is the list which most causal players agree with regarding Inca balance.


Inca doesn’t have any reasonable unit to deal with artillery

This is one of the most important issue for the Inca balance, lakota could be added to that list aswell, it doesn’t have any reasonable basis to lack one of the most important stuff of the game, anti artillery unit is more than a must for all civs.

  • What could be done?

1- Adding +5 range to huaracas by also delivering 0.5 bonus against infrantry
2- Adding an infinite arrow knight mercenary shipment for Inca upon age III, something like 10 arrow knights for 500 coin.


Chimu Runners don’t get snared

Unlike aoe2, aoe3 has a unique mechanic regarding snaring, which is making a lot of difference in strats and the way civs are played, that said, the no-snare ability for chimu runners don’t apply to the structure of aoe3, should defenitely be revamped,

  • What could be done?

Removing the no-snare ability is looking as the only option, as an alternative replacement, some ability which will bost chimu runner speed temporarily could be implemented, something similar to caroleans.
Bolar Warriors don’t have proper stat and bonuses, doesn’t counter cav as mentioned in the description

The unit has a strong unique ability which allows it to snare enemy units, but as stat wise, it is not functioning properly, not countering enemy units at all, not dealing strong damage, not countering any kind of cav while it should.

  • What could be done?

Adding proper bonuses to bolar warriors to do a proper damage against cav and infrantry.

Ligt Cannons are imbalanced to be avalilable in age III

Inca fort has a strong bigbutton, which delivers 4 light cannons in age III, the bigbutton doesn’t suit for the structure of the game as it is a unit which actually belongs to age IV, and also resulting balance issues.

  • What could be done?

Moving Light Cannon big button to age IV would be the most flexible option for the balance of the game.

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Not a difficult question
Let the Spanish rebels send Culverin to solve it
Or let the rebels build Artillery Depot to make Culverin