About L Shape Walls

Hi, my friends…

When you want to build one wall in L Shape with the new tool
the wall does not always come out in the most convenient way. For example

In the image, the red line would be the convenient wall, spending the same size as the one presented.
Would it be possible to define a hotkey to build the wall in a convenient way?


You mean a hotkey to switch between those two sides? Nice idea.


Exactly that, friend.


In the topic where I presented this new walling method (see here), this was also suggested as part of the solution, more precisely to perform this walling selection using similar inputs as for the gate rotation.

You can test it in this tool: https://codepen.io/nvandernoot/full/MWaGMbL
I am already very happy to see it implemented in the game. Maybe this could also be added in a future update if many people are interested. :wink:

Here you can see how fast (and easily) we can wall the base with this additional trick:


I thought of you when I saw they fixed walls, is it your suggestion/design they followed?

I had no input from the devs, except this message (posted in a thread where I described the solution), but the result is exactly the solution I suggested.
The only difference is that the choice between Solution 1 & 2 (see here for details) is automatically done by the game instead of the player.
It seems that this choice is performed so that the longest wall section is on the side of the wall starting tile.


I just tested your implementation, wall placement is so smooth with right click to change the shape. I really hope this will also get implemented into the game. Nice work dude!


Well high five man! I’d say you can count this as a positive mark you’ve left on the game.


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought. I tested your tool and I think it usually returns up to 4 options to choose from.


In two cases we have an inconvenient return in terms of size and expense. It would be interesting to be able to “exclude these two options.”


Yes, I agree, what really matters is to be able to choose between the two partially-diagonal solutions.
I added the 2 old L-shape configurations because some people were still interested in keeping them.

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Right. Do you think you can make a Mod to implement this?

Unfortunately, I do not think it is possible.
Modding does not allow to modify the logic, the algorithms of the game (to my knowledge).
Only devs can do this.

I understand … As it is, I prefer to do it manually. When playing fast you need precision.

How to report this to devs?

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If they implemented a version of his idea, they probably will improve it


Please consider to remove the 2 L shapes from suggestions to make your concept perfect. It makes little sense to drag a diagonal line with the intention to achieve 2 straight lines, mainly it undermines the general efficiency and introduces the likelyhood for unwanted outcomes. Which is what this feature is trying to avoid in the first place.


Usually, they read the posts on the forum. Sometimes, they even comment on them, see here.
The more people show their interest in this feature, the more likely it is to be implemented I think.

It is done :wink:


Nice, so smooth! Let’s hope they are able to incorporate it into the game.



Would be nice if: When holding shift (or some other modifier key) the walls are forced diagonally.

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Scrol up or scrol down or right click like the tool of the Salamander would be nice.

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