About new graphics of AOE 3 DE


Here is my feelings about the new graphics after multiple hours of gaming, also i precise that i’ve a gaming pc and i run everything on max settings :

  • Improved graphics for near distance but from far distance i’m sorry to say that but it’s just blurry, and very low design models if u compare with old version and units make me so confused for exemple gendarm looks like dragoons or samurai sometimes are very difficult to recognize them between musketeers.

To be honest, I think the devs of aoe 3 classic got it rights, the game should looks good focusing from far distance instead of focusing only from near distance but forgetting the fact from far distance, now it’s just a big fail.

Thanks for reading it’s just my opinions.

The blurry graphics are the result of the anti-aliasing the game uses. TAA is the worst, although they did improve it somewhat in the last update, and FXAA is slightly better, but still blurs the graphics too much to my liking. You can solve the blurriness problem by either turning off the anti-aliasing in the graphical settings menu or by applying sharpening through your GPU software, as detailed here. My personal preference is to keep TAA on and to then add sharpening. I find this strikes a good balance between eliminating aliasing and making the units distinguishable. You can check out this thread for some screenshots. Just note that those were taken before the last update in which the TAA was somewhat improved.

There is some kind of solutions in your comment but it won’t change the fact that the models of units and buildings are smallers than TAD version even if u zoom in near distance also they standardised so much the models that results now they all looks same and are not very uniques anymore.