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Why are several of the mods being archived within a few minutes of opening discussion? None of them are mine, but it seems strange, no-one says anything, and if they are going to be shut down within three minutes of being opened, why open it in the first place?

@DodoNotDoDo, I think it might be a good idea to show the main thumbnail for each mod at least, because just being given a link isn’t really interesting for most people, and thus doesn’t facilitate the interaction I think this branch of the forum is attempting to supply.


I suggest including the description of each mod in the post as well as the title - especially since the mod pages require you to sign in (although I’m not sure what purpose that serves anyway).

I asked @DodoNotDoDo in the past, I think it’s just MS protocol that can’t really be changed.

@DodoNotDoDo, can this be configured so it can’t create clones of a mod?