About the Organ Guns…

Look at this Wikipedia page: Ribauldequin - Wikipedia.

It states that the organ gun was first used by the English in 1339, during the Hundred Years’ War. Louis XII of France, the Count of Navarro (Spain), and Burgundian troops made use of this machine in the 15th-16th century for certain wars.

A thought came to my mind:

I propose Organ Guns being a regional unit (like the Elephant Archer has since the Indian DLC) exclusive to the Britons, Burgundian, Franks, Italians, and Spanish, available in the Imperial Age Siege Workshop. We won’t make any changes to the UUs of the above mentioned civilizations.

For the backup Portuguese UU, it’ll probably be a unique slow Hand Cannoneer unit for Portuguese, whose stats I will update soon.

What is the purpose of this change?If you make one uu regional why not make other uus such as caravals mamlukes huskarls genitors regional as well?

I think turning some less unique UUs into regional units is generally a good idea.
Giving the game more variety while giving neighbouring civilisation something that makes them feel like neighbours other then the architecture.

I disagree we dont need a ton of regional units,even going 3 4 uus is too much.

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I’m not saying we should change all at once but it seems kinda odd that most civilisations don’t have regional units (especially if you don’t count Camel Riders) while the Indian civilisations have 3 of them.

I think UUs should mostly only be changed to regional units when new civilisations are added and not to change many old civilisations.

So keep doing what they already did:
Steppe Lancers → 2 new units plus Mongols
Winged Hussar → 1 new civilisation plus the Lithuanians

So maybe something like:
Huskarls → Saxons plus Goths
Genitours → Spanish split into Castilians and Aragonese

Genitours are already a shared unit and Huskarls are already in the barracks anyway.

I think the Dynasties of India is a good template for that.

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I actually really like this idea. The organ gun was definitely more widely by a lot of civilizations, so I think seeing it become a regional unit would be really cool. Especially since I already think it’s a bit odd that the Portuguese even get it as a unique unit, since there’s not really any archeological evidence they ever even used them to my knowledge.

Personally, I think it’d be cool to see the portuguese get the Berço, which is a breech-loading swivel gun they used on ships and fortifications in their naval empire. It’s not purely unique to them, but it definitely makes much more sense as a unique unit than the organ gun. As you said, I think it’d make the most sense if it was a heavy hand cannoneer unit that has a faster rate of fire.

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Why not combined the ideas…

A) We could do as some other UU that are available to allies, but they can only build/train 10 of them.
B) We could have a UT that allows you to build/train “regional” units as the ones mention before.
C) As discussed in other topics we could have a new buildings where you can hire Mercenaries similar to A O E 3 where you can hire some of those “Regional” units.

I’m alwaya amused by these topics where people identify an issue (in this case, the Portuguese UU is not portuguese at all), propose something that entirely circumvents the issue (make the Organ Gun a shared unit?!) yet doesn’t fix the original problem at all (Portugal still has no unique unit that’s actually theirs).