About UI, shortcuts, Minimap options and etc.

I played this game since 1997. I replayed this games a few months ago and i apreciate a lot of diferences in gaming experience between AoE II HD Edition. One of the most important difference was in UI and the lack of shortcuts, group numbers, minimap flares, and general minimap options. The game feels primitive for those reasons and very stressfull. I think the game would have (most important than formation) a good UI that provides game information and useful shortcuts (and the multiple click positions) after all.

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According to what has been said I think there will be a lot of improvements of ergonomy. They want to make this a modern RTS, and not just with enhanced graphics

Units Population should be added on the UI instead of needing to click on a house to check your population.
Villager Idle indication.
Rally points for buildings.
Shortcuts for training more units than one when clicking at a time.
Queue multiple type of units and upgrades and also for training units a repetitive queue for training would be nice.

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GeoStam: a few good suggestions!

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Technology tree access added in-game for each civilization