[Feature Request] Minimap Flare

Overall I am very happy with all of the recent updates for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. At the same time there are still some things from nearly 16 months ago when the game released which have not yet been addressed. One of those things is the missing minimap flare feature.


Hello darkness my old friend.

This is a feature that would greatly be appreciated for communicating with your teammates in multiplayer games. Adding this feature now before the Steam release would also “complete” the game visually. The feature has been suggested multiple times on the forums since the game released.

Please add the flare feature to Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. It’s the right thing to do.


And minimalize that HUD skin. I would like to see only that tilted square and those four buttons. And if mouseover show that hotkey.

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I agree. Flare would be nice!

100% agree with this. As a long time aoe player, this feature is very important for team games as most of us do not voice chat while playing. It will benefit team games and will polish the game further. Moreover, we also need seperate elo for rm (1v1 & team games) and dm (1v1 & team games)


I was going to post about this, it needs to be implemented, it helps a lot

we have been asking them since ages bro

I have been thinking about this function. They actually could also add a hotkey that will focus on the area where the flare has been placed (works for all team members). The same hotkey could also be used and respond to any ta-da sound and then focus to the area where being attacked. And if there are multiple areas then cycle through those areas. That would save a lot of time instead of clicking at those areas all the time. The gained time will benefit the micro and macro aspects of this game in general.

Yes please add this feature