Achievement already unlocked in-game and xbox, but not in Steam

“Through the Ages” achievement does not unlock in my Steam account even when I have played hundreds of hours.
IT DOES show as already unlocked IN game on November 2nd 2022, and on my Xbox profile as well.
I have unlinked and linked back again my Xbox profile and kept playing and advancing ages, there were no results.
I have never installed any mods/ tuning packs. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game and kept playing. I also uninstalled Steam and deleted what I think were all the files for AOE4 to then do a fresh re-install. Achievement is still locked in Steam so I can’t achieve 100% completition.

What I believe could have caused the issue was using the same Xbox profile in two different computers with two different AOE4 accounts.

this is my Steam profile: Steam Community :: † Ŝάบґǿņ †

I did send a ticket to Game support via e-mail, twice, were they told me to try some of the things I already mentioned, and that they would look into it.
There have been no results.

Looking for help! thank you.

Xbox profile showing its unlocked.

Hey @_S_n. Is this the only achievement you’re seeing this happen with? Can you screen cap the locked achievement in Steam as well? Thanks!

Thanks @_S_n! We’ll investigate why this might be happening.