Achievement already unlocked in-game and xbox, but not in Steam

“Through the Ages” achievement does not unlock in my Steam account even when I have played hundreds of hours.
IT DOES show as already unlocked IN game on November 2nd 2022, and on my Xbox profile as well.
I have unlinked and linked back again my Xbox profile and kept playing and advancing ages, there were no results.
I have never installed any mods/ tuning packs. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game and kept playing. I also uninstalled Steam and deleted what I think were all the files for AOE4 to then do a fresh re-install. Achievement is still locked in Steam so I can’t achieve 100% completition.

What I believe could have caused the issue was using the same Xbox profile in two different computers with two different AOE4 accounts.

this is my Steam profile: Steam Community :: † Ŝάบґǿņ †

I did send a ticket to Game support via e-mail, twice, were they told me to try some of the things I already mentioned, and that they would look into it.
There have been no results.

Looking for help! thank you.

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Xbox profile showing its unlocked.

Hey @_S_n. Is this the only achievement you’re seeing this happen with? Can you screen cap the locked achievement in Steam as well? Thanks!

Thanks @_S_n! We’ll investigate why this might be happening.

Any news so far? is there a way to reset it?
Its been half a year already since I supposedly unlocked the acheivement in-game.

Hey @_S_n! Would you mind DMing me your Steam ID if you know it; or just a link to your Steam profile if you don’t. Thanks!

I dont know how to DM in this forum xD,
I did posted a link to my steam profile in the first post of this topic.

Here is the ID: 76561198106585037
Here is the link: Steam Community :: † Ŝάบґǿņ †

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While trying to message you, my Post was flagged as spam by the system.

I have restored your posts
New users have a limit on links they can post :slight_smile: ( at least when it’s done about the same website )


Thanks @_S_n! This will be very helpful.

I have same issue between my Steam and My xBox account now I have two diffrent account which is so annoying can someone help

Can you explain what you mean here?

If you are indeed seeing the same thing as the original poster, would you mind DMing me your Steam ID? Thanks!

Hello SavageEmpire566, I still have the same problem on the latest AOE4 steam version. I tried to DM you but failed. There is an error shown shown when DMing you.(something like “No direct message allowed to this user” )

My steam id is driftMaple. Thanks for following up in advance.

Thanks @driftMaple! The team is definitely looking into this one.

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maybe not easy to explain that is why I took screen capture.

I had my game downloaded from Microsoft Store and been playing for while on xBox Game Pass. then purchased the hole AOE bundle as it was better price. all these days my Live profile and Steam were already connected. but since I have installed the steam on my computer and run the game after purchased on steam it created the new game account. and end up having two account. so I read if I sync steam account with my live account all my saved and achivements can be used, but seems this is not correct.

now all mastersi and campaign are locked and I have to play them all in order to unlock them even when it show on my steam account achivements are unlocked.

Also worse is all my mod and maps been published by my old account now I am not able to update those map and mods anymore I have to publish them with new account mean they become duplicate as well.

I have published over 20 maps

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The problem for me is that I played AoE IV beta on Steam, then played with the XBOX app for PC (with an active Game Pass subscription) and finally bought the game on Steam during the Winter Sale 2022.

I will skip the fact that it did not automatically synchronize my achievements from the beta on Steam and from XBOX app (achievements, level in game and game time), but above all, it did not synchronize my progress in Campaigns and Masteries Challenges.

@SavageEmpire566 Hello, I just checked the latest version update 7.0.5861. It looks like not fixed yet.

Is it possible to show which medal I am missing for “Record Breaker” Achievement?
via any windows file maybe…
Because my AOE4 in-game “art of war” medal list is showing all in gold.
It might took me a lot of effort to trigger all of “art of war” golden medals in each update or new fix.

seems they dont know how to fix this issue as they even did not response any more

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