Achievement: Anyone Order a Pizza?

For me it feels like devs just added it for the sake of adding quantity to achievements, it seems to me its purpose is literally only for achievement hunters who would use the scenario editor to achieve.

How often do we even have italian factions, nevermind how rarely a player would even train Condottieri.

now to make it EVEN worse, they set the number at a absolutely irrational number like 1000. not something achievable like 20 japanese fishing boats (who can even train their own boats anyway and dont need some random ally)

and then on TOP of ALL of that, aa huge number of the achievements dont trigger, dont add up anyway, so now if someone is mad enough to try get this award even bothers, they could likely end up having to train 1000’s of Condottieri just to get 1 achievement…


Well, I finished today my last achievement, which was Le Loi campaign and now I really can’t see what the issue is that you’re trying to make here?

Most of the achievements in any games are just nonsense anyways, they are there just to be there to be achieved. Producing 1000 condottieri ain’t even hard at all (don’t even get me started about the irrational part, a thousand is a completely rational number.), just play a standard game with an italian ai as ally, with infinite resources or death match and voila, done. There’s some others that were much more stupid imo, like the Daut Castle, losing the castle with more than 95% complete (although its a nice inside joke and a homage, just doing it felt stupid when I wasn’t even paying attention to it and accidentally finished the castle 3 times before I succeeded in leaving it incomplete x] ), or buying 20 dragon ships in the Lake Poyang scenario, wasting my resources needlessly on a mostly useless unit.

All in all, there were some achievements that actually were annoying to get around to completing, probably partly due to me going through all the campaigns on hard too, making some of the scenario specific achievements harder than needed, had to actually give up on 1 or 2 and take the achievement on a lower difficulty and completing the scenario on hard separately. But it’s done now and it wasn’t a ridiculous task in the end.

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I mean… “Castle of Doubt”? that’s just a meme… most achievements are meme names renamed for the sake of maintaining a sense of funny but accurate names. Don’t think too much about it, counter for “Someone ordered a pizza” doesn’t restart at the end of the game or if you trained +1000 condos over time, so you just gotta keep playing.

DE are such a HUGE improvement over HD achievements 11


I was just reviewing the DE achievements, and I see a severe lack of achievements like the ones HD had; where you have to accumulate stats over time to achieve. A lot of DE’s achievements are just simple one-and-dones, like:

  • “Do this campaign” or “Do that campaign”
  • “Blow up an enemy Demolition Ship with a Demolition Ship of your own.”
  • “Do this task in this campaign”
  • “Win a Regicide game.”
  • “Gather 20 Sheep in a Random Map game.”
  • “Convert an enemy monk.”

Those are so simplistic. I’ve never been one to focus on achievements much in games, but on occasion I enjoy trying to fulfill them; and I do like ones that accrue stats over time and are actually a bit of a challenge or require decent time invested to achieve. And if not always for the challenge of it, then at least for the fact that it’s keeping track of those stats for me and I can see that, “Wow! I’ve been playing this game for 7 years, but I still only have 260 of 1000 in that stat? Crazy.” With DE’s achievements, this type of revelation will never happen.

I’ve always hated ones that occur in FPS games just by playing the game once, like: “You finished Mission #1! Achievement earned” … “You finished Mission #2! Achievement earned.” Sadly, a lot of DE’s feel like those to me; just in RTS form.

I know several of HD’s are like that, too… and that’s fine, as some people may need those simple ones. But HD also has the following, which I appreciate… achieved through many hours of playing over time… and meter bars showing your progress:

  • Burned - You have crumbled your five hundredth building into rubble [xxx /500]

  • Rubble Piles Everywhere - You have razed five thousand buildings in your long and illustrious military career! [xxx /1,000]

  • No Stone Left Standing - You have razed ten thousand buildings in your long and illustrious military career! [xxx /10,000]

  • Century Castle Celebration - In your various campaigns through history you have constructed over one hundred castles. [xxx /100]

  • One Thousand Castles - On this day you have created your thousand’th castle. Huzzah! [xxx /1,000]

  • Ten Thousand Ruins - In your career you have lost over ten thousand buildings. [xxx /10,000]

  • Time to Stop Counting Buildings - Razed fifty thousand buildings. [xxx / 50,000]

  • Millennial General - You have fought in one thousand single-player battles! [xxx / 1,000]

  • Five Hundred Victories - This battle marks your five hundredth multi-player victory! [xxx / 500]

  • Day of a Thousand Stories - You have fought your one thousandth battle against online opponents. [xxx / 1,000]

  • Anytime, Anywhere - You have fought on every type of map, against every type of opponent in history. [xxx / 500]

  • Incredible Team Leader! - You have been selected for the Most Valuable Player award 100 times. [xxx / 100]

  • Champion of the Saracens - You have led the Saracens to victory ten times. Fight on! [x /10]

  • Random Civilization Victory - Choosing ‘Random’ for your civilization is a good boast. You are confidently telling the world that you can lead any civilization to victory! Cheers to you! [x /10]

DE has very few of these types of achievements, and I feel there is room for creativity in making more. Orrrr… possibly more preferably, porting over our HD achievements into DE so we can continue to accrue our stats DE, as suggested here:

HD maybe went a little overboard with some of the challenges, imo… like having to play and win with civs 10, 50, or 100 times each, or defeating specific civs 100 times… etc. If we have a favorite civ or two we like to play, we shouldn’t be forced to play different ones quite so many times to fulfill achievements. I prefer more generic ones that are achievable by any civ, like “Build 5,000 trebs.” “Build 5,000 castles”. “Construct 10,000 buildings.” “Build 50 wonders.” “Fish for 10,000 food.” Etc.

Trust me they can be super hard. And they often can incentivize you to experiment new ways to play the campaigns. For instance I don’t think most of us would have suspected it was even possible to finish Barbarossa 3 without even getting a base.

No need to make super long and boring achievements to see that, instead once they make the stats section of the official Age site work at last, ask for them to put all of these stats in each player’s personal section. What would be even cooler is a “record” section, where you can see as which civ you got your fastest win, the most conversions, and so on.


Very cool, CactusSteak2171! I kind’ve thought you were being facetious above in your post from 20 days ago, but wasn’t sure and almost asked… but you were being serious. Cool! Good to know some DE achievement details from your perspective; makes me more satisfied with them. And a personal stats page would be amazing! :smiley:

Isn’t that why achievements are anyway? Most achievements that aren’t story related are pointless and are just for fun or for hunters anyway. The average person/casual player won’t bother.

The pizza achievement is just for fun. A meme. Lighten up.

Absolutely no idea why anyone would prefer achievements that take forever to complete over simpler ones but to each their own. That said, I’m glad that is a thing on HD and not here.

I really think DE achievements are better tho. You have the basics (trying each civ/each mission) and the less basic (like king sniping with a petard or making a Daut Castle). Anyway you could deeem quite any achievement in any game as “basic” because most of them are made to be doable by any player.

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Because achievements that are like, “Completed Mission #1,” “Made one trebuchet,” or “Converted another unit with a monk” are trivial. Anyone and everyone will get them as they require very little effort, so don’t feel like “achievements.” I have no idea why anyone would want these types of very simplistic achievements that everyone will get by simply playing the game once or twice. I like to be challenged, or to have to do stuff not everyone will do.

Yeah, HD’s achievements are a little overkill, as I said at the bottom of my post a couple posts back, but considering the type of game this is, where many people play religiously for years, the devs knew we were in for the long haul; so, why not have some achievements that are crazy to get? HD has too many of those, as I said, but I still appreciate having some of them. Plus, I really like that it is keeping track of those marathon stats over time. So if they instead make a stats page like CactusSteak said, that’d diminish my need for marathon achievements tracking that instead.

There was a game on PS3 where I got all the trophies/achievements including the Platinum trophy just by playing the game once and beating it. That was the ultimate in laziness when it comes to achievement creation. A trophy per level for getting past each mission. So, everyone who beat the game got all the trophies and Platinum. Yayy.

I’ve played HD for years and gotten many achievements done down there (not all of them though), why would I want to repeat the long grinding ones AGAIN in here, when the game is essentially the same and the stats from HD don’t move over to DE? Like losing 50k buildings, eh?

Reminds me of CS:GO where there was this one class of achievements where you had to play a separate gamemode for thousands of times. And the normal gamemode didn’t have that kind of achievement. So if you were a completionist, you had to go for a gamemode that is only played for fun and waste thousands of hours there to get your gold medal. Thank god there were custom maps that lowered that time by being able to spam that said gamemode in a quick succession so it immediately ended and started again lol. Oh and the mode was even FFA and you had to WIN it each time, too. :smiley:

DE achievements are fine, most people have already done many in HD and don’t feel like doing the same old **** all over again. There’s enough challenge there even now for the new people. In the end, the achievements aren’t the thing you are supposed to spend your lifetime with, it’s the actual game that you are supposed to spend time in, whether it is multiplayer or single player, custom or standard.

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that one seems like a giant pain.

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Ahaha, I missed this one in the comments, I was just skimming through. It was actually quite a funny one to do, especially when I was remembering how pain in the butter that mission was as a kid. :smiley: After reading the achievement I immediately realised how easy the mission truly was lol. A great weight was lifted off my chest.