Achievement "Homeless" was incorrectly awarded for Sforza 4th scenario

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34223.0 4509956)
  • Platform (Steam)


I got achievement “Homeless” (“Delete your starting Town Center and still win the game”) for winning Sforza 4th scenario “Blood and Betrayal”. In that scenario I did not start with Town Center, which maybe confused game about awarding achievement.

Deleted my TC, 1hr into the game. Won the game (Ranked)

Didnt get the achievement.

I made it in regicide mode in singleplayer :slight_smile:

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You’re not gonna waste your time on a report, but went to waist your time complaining on the general discussion??

And yes, they do read the bug forums. They just do not put much effort in showing that they acknowledge the reports to the fanbase.


sigh, since you want an explanation… im not gonan go through the official template, instead im gonna list it here in case others experience the same issue, so please move along…
and yeah sure keep kidding urself… theyré totally reading the bug reports… totally…

You didn’t get this achievement in proper way because of a bug. But you can get it in improper way thanks to an another bug :smile:


haha epic, will try it thanks!

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Quick, before patch comes out, which fixes this! :stopwatch: Actually it might already have been fixed, I don’t know. Hopefully they fill fix bug preventing properly gaining this achievement before bug, which allows gaining it improperly.


haha totally hope so too… but lets see…

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Hurry, you have only 281 months before the bugfix comes :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahahahaa so true! hopefully you are wrong!

Thanks for the report! I’ve taken note and passed it along to the team for investigation! =)


QUESTION for all of you here:

We are unable to reproduce this issue internally, and have a few questions to see if we can shed some illumination on the problem:

  • Are you able to unlock the achievement by deleting the Town Center towards the beginning of the match?
  • Is there any other information you can provide about the issue that will help the team reproduce it internally?

Any information (or a recording if it exists) will help! Otherwise, it will be difficult to figure this one out!

Thanks again!

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Carried out a persian Douche, deleted my TC at about 8min into the game, won the game.

I’ve got a replay but unable to upload… Used the same settings that gave me achievement for one of the difficulty awards…

Edit: Homeless just triggered now, finished a campaign mission(sforza mission 3), after playing a MP game(to make sure it synced with servers)…