Adam Isgreen on Age of Empires IV DLC thinking

There’s nothing definitive or concrete here - Adam was very deliberately talking in hypotheticals and abstracts, but I thought people might be interested in reading some toughts of his on how the studio approaches the concept of DLC, and the playerbase in general when it comes to planning this stuff out.




Civilisation dlc…

At rhis point, it is like a big lack of creativity and junk.

Why not put in a dlc that affect all game and Civilization?

Like weather that affect the batlefield : snow, rain, wind, blizzard.

Like water state of the river: ice, water, low water, hight water, river that overflow.

Like hadding a new age : prehistoric, industrial, antic, modern time, renaissance, etc…

And other kind of dlc…


I wholeheartedly agree, let’s just hope this is purely hypothetical, and an early estimate of what’s to come.

I do think there should be weather effects implemented later on- but maybe as a free update. It would be strange matchmaking-wise to pair up two people who have a weather dlc

I certainly like the idea. To add on to this, maybe even high tides that effect ships. But frankly, this is all just speculation.

Things like these are good for the development process, freshening up the game some. There’s no fun in infinite cultures/civs being spewed out with no new game mechanics.


I’m a huge sucker for new civ and campaigns DLCs, but I’m also sensitive to the other “bucket” player groups. I wish for expansions to please the various groups as well so the game is well rounded and balanced.


I wonder what it is going to be the cost of the DLCs, the base game is already $60USD $100AUD.


I hope post launch they give us “What’s on the Horizon” or Roadmap for each quarter of the year. New civs, new game modes, new social features, new multiplayer QOL such as more spectator and esports centric features, new campaigns, new modding tools and much more. AoE IV if given the same timeframe as AoE 2 can be a masterpiece. We the players just need dev support unlike what Blizzard Activision did to Starcraft 2.


More and different content sounds great. I eagerly await the day I can praise AoE4 for its brilliant civ design.


I just hope they do bigger DLCs, like the old expansion and don’t go the Total War route of releasing one per DLC and bundle them later. I think 3 per DLC would be a nice number.


Imagine a big lake in the middle where you march across towards your opponent in winter time just to have it become spring halfway and you lose all units. I think that’s a pretty neat concept.


Because more civilizations is what almost everyone wants and will buy.

Personally, and I am sure I am not alone here, weather effects and things like that just sound incredibly annoying in multiplayer. Totally fine in campaigns though which they could do. AoE2 added a campaign mission with a day night cycle for example.


Because if they were going to add that it should be in the base game, adding in from a DLC changes the game too much

Again, should’ve been in basegame

Maybe this could happen but I doubt it

RTS games tend to not add gamechanging features in a DLC

For pretty good reason too since in many cases would make versions without the DLC incompatible with versions with the DLC.

If Spyken is playing on a version that has new ages and I am not, we can’t even play together, splitting the player pool into smaller pieces.

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Same whit civilisation dlc?

Nope, you can play with civs from DLC, you just can’t play the civs.

Then you should be able to play the weather dlc if i am in play, but you can’t play the waither dlc alone, if you did not buy it.

It is a easy solution?

Then what is the point of buying it? If I can just mooch off of others.

Don’t worry, you will buy it when no one have it around.


No, I’ll just wait for some other guy to buy it so I don’t waste the money

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And what if a campain was whit the dlc, for each civilisation ?

I would buy it, because you can’t play the campaign unless you have the DLC. :slight_smile: