Add Advanced Captured Mortars card for Aztecs

Hey guys, I think this is the civ that needs this card the most. Since their siege at age IV is total garbage. Seriously it takes like 4 min for 20 arrow knights to get a fort while all the other civs have cannons or really high siege units (petard) that can take any building in no time.

Sad how Aztecs are the only ones that have to suffer when sieging because of the lack of artillery equivalent.

I think you have to give Arrow Knight to the other 3 native civilizations.

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That’s what I’m saying, they are sooooo slow. And no talk when the enemy has like 5 walls around, takes you centuries to get one.

If you try to siege with JPK or Pumas you can easily get sniped by skirmishers, so that is not an efficient option as some mortars are.

In treaty? Because in 1v1 they are a machine to destroy artillery and buildings.

Also, if we talk about treaty, in Imperial all nats can get captured mortars.

Talking about the late game in general. Some matches get that stage in team games.

Late game too, with 20 of those babies, artillery and buildings aren’t a problem. You have to know how to micro bro, it can’t be that i m the only Aztec main who knows how to use the AK correctly.

Sorry for the abruptness of the comment, but I don’t understand, when I play in teams my allies don’t even take out culverins or mortars, they already know that with my AK + war dance + HC improvements is more than enough.

Elite I respect your opinion, but micromanagement is something that only the most pro players use, players in general do not want to micromanage units, and micromanagement has to be an extra not the only tool for a unit to work.

I just realized that this discussion makes no sense. :rofl:


This unit (AK) only requires siege tolerance, and would convert practically better than mortars. Only mortars would be superior in terms of range.

In addition, all American civilizations have mortars from age V.

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Lakota have them in age 4. With Advanced Captured Mortars

But the Lakota don’t have long range siege units, the Aztecs on the other hand have the AK.

All their units are siege units, they have a dance on community plaza + explorer boosts siege damage card.

I get your point that they’re better at besieging, but ideally you’d want to go all the way to the imperial age. You can now make the imperial age cheaper with a card that I don’t remember its name, but that unlocks a “dance” in the square that gradually makes the ages cheaper.

So this is redundant for Lakota? As they also have a mortar card in age 4. I think the last update makes them so broke.

The Lakota card reduces their cost in population and resources. :smile:

I hope that the Incas get a similar card that allows them to create light cannons. :expressionless:


Still that is huge, without that card mortars for natives are 8 pop and 500 coin. With that card lakota doesn’t need to send the button at all, the other natives you have to pay 700 coin for Gun Running Big.


Any civilization with anti-artillery and a musketeer equivalent would easily nullify this Age IV send, plus it doesn’t enable you to create mortars, it only sends you 4.

It does allow you to train them make a try, even the card says in description. Also the button deactivates when you send that card.

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Supposing Aztec players have 1600 coins + 1100 food resources to spend (which is huge for them). It would take AK’s twice as time compared to 6 mortars (2700 res equivalent) to siege the same amount of buildings.

I just verified it and it does indeed enable the creation of captured mortars, I don’t know if it’s a bug or the developers wanted the Lakota to be more capable of besieging, I leave it up to you whether to report it as a bug or on the contrary ask them to increase the card cost to 700 gold or more.

In my opinion, I think it would be best for all native civs to have access to this card, but with the gold cost increased to 700 and the big button cost reduced to 500 gold.

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But it is assumed that in addition to attacking buildings, they also attack artillery and units in general.