Add GAIA to "Diplomacy" Tab to allow a 9th player for scenarios

Please, I need this so bad for a Scenario where player fight vs GAIA:
Scenario Creators could effectively use GAIA as a 9th player

GAIA is Neutral to a player = GAIA attacks the player only after getting attacked (self-defence)
GAIA is Enemy to a player = GAIA attacks the player immediately on sight
GAIA is Allied to a player = GAIA is not attacking the player
GAIA is Convertable to a player = GAIA Units switch colour to the nearby player (Unit transfer like that doesn’t work if GAIA got the unit per Change Ownership Trigger). So this represents the current GAIA. Also the convertable option allows preventing other players getting free GAIA units if only one player has is in the Covertable allyship. You could also add “Covertable” Stance to all other players, so all units could become like Sheep to convert. I mean I wouldn’t need that but it would open more options

I would need that handy option really quick please. Just add GAIA to “Diplomacy”


This would be really good. Yesterday I was searching for this option in the scneario editor sin e it apparently exist in random map scripts for battle royal.

Maybe we can use the new script tripper function to introduce random map scripts into scneario?

I wonder if this would get any attention from the devs