Add Option to Change Player Color in Multiplayer and Skirmish

Dudes why we cant pick specific color to paly with… so bad, i want to be green every game


Well, the game is 3 color, one default for you, one for you enemy and one for your ally.

It is nothing else and this is age of empire 4.


No, seriously, why is it soo hard to give a color selection like in AOE 2 DE ?
It is a great feature, they did not implemented it in AOE 3 DE and now they avoided it in AOE 4.


What are you talking about…AOE3 has color selection from the very beginning and in AOE3DE you can even customize whatever color you like.


Only on the custom match, and AOE4 doesn’t even have that.
AOE2DE allows you to chose your colour even in ranked matches.


Not true, unique colours can be turned on, its just that team colours is on by default.

Also re main thread, big oversight imo, should definitely be allowed to pick your colour. MANY people have favourite colours, and its low key an important part about playing the game your way / style. Definitely something that has been horrendously over-looked in its importance.


Unique colours cool… Can I chose the want I want ?
Answer = No!


French should be blue
Abbasid should be green


I would like a way to change the tone/shade of the colors as well, like in AOE3 DE.

I want the blue to be little darker.


Exactly. I think something like this should be included in the game. I.e., the color wheel and a saturation/darkness/lightness adjuster:

Source: ‘Coolorus’ plug-in for Photoshop

For players who have a tough time distinguishing colors (Tritanomaly, Tritanopia, etc.), variations of the color wheel with predetermined color choices could be made for them; or they could stick with the friend/foe colors setting


Extreme envy of AI last night with their purple knights! Please add colour selection for custom and skirmish games!


I agree.Everyone have their choises to select the color they prefer.


I want to play as Red, always. Im sick of playing Blue every Game. Give me Red Chinese!

But this is Relic, just like in Company of Heroes, you are Blue the Enemy is Red.
Thats the reason i dont play as often than i would. Shame, Game is fun, colours are not.

They should stick with the AoE Rules and not on Relics previous Games.


I do not like blue. I will not buy this game if they do not chang


Yes it should follow AOE also in COH your colour does not have a big impact on how your units look. A tank might just have one or two stripes of blue to signal it as your tank. The infantry uniforms are not team coloured at all just the squad indicator.

In AOE though the colour makes a huge difference to the unit apperance so having to be blue all the time gets really old.

Also did Relic work with some kind of AOE council for this game? Surprising it never got mentioned there?

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This is so far the biggest aesthetic issue for me. I’ve always played as Yellow, my brother always as Purple, friends would pick other colors. I could tell at a glance who was who in an 8 player match, and knew that any yellow on the map was me. The settings default to team colors, you can change it so each player has a unique color BUT the only way to choose what color you are is to get into the lobby in a specific order.

In my opinion this is, as a casual player, the largest issue with the game. AOE3 DE did this great, even adding extra customization if you had a tough time telling colors apart. AOE2 DE allows you to choose your color. Why has AOE4 taken a huge leap backwards in accessibility here?


I’ve said it in other threads, to many people it’s a non-issue. For me it seriously bugs me when i play England in blue fighting France in red. It feels like a badly researched history show.

With the devs complete lack of communication on these forums i hope they are taking note.


I had hope for that while filling the closed beta survey in August.


Fully agree. I play as yellow a lot and friends have their particular colors. If I’m Blue every game, no thanks! Gets old, and I just don’t like it. When I forget to switch my color in AoE2:DE because the game can never remember my preferred settings for whatever reason, I quit the game because it makes me Blue, and then I adjust the color to what I want, and re-launch. I feel that passionately about not playing as blue and playing a color of my own choice.

Being limited to the tiny amount of color choices in AoE2:DE is bad. Not getting to choose your color at all in AoE4 is orders-of-magnitude worse and seems like an odd decision to limit player choice in this respect


For me it’s not even just a matter of preference. I get confused very easily. I play as yellow not just because it’s my favorite color but also because it makes it easy for me to tell which units are mine.

I have played as yellow in every match I’ve ever played in AOE2 and 3, so when I see yellow on the map my first thought is “oh that’s fine, it’s just my units” and not being yellow means I miss a lot of things opponents are doing because I’m not concerned at seeing yellow units attacking a blue/red/whatever color I’m assigned town center.

At the very least we have the option to change from team colors to unique colors for people who only care that they aren’t always blue, but I need that little extra bit of control. It’s not like it’s asking a whole lot, it’s a set of buttons on the match lobby UI and some extra code which can be iterated on from AOE3DE. Why it isn’t there in the first place is baffling to me.