Add support for edit "Hit mode" and "z height collision" in AGE3

in AGE3 (advance genie editor) there is currently no method of changing “hit mode” and “z collision” of a unit with attributes under effect tab.

there are attributes such as 3, 4 which changes x y collision of a unit, as well as attribute 19 that changes ballistic box. However theres none for “z collision”, nor “hit mode” which can change properties of a projectile on how it interact with an unit.

please add support for additional/new attributes.

attached some screenshot of which box want it to be affected by the new attributes.

bump. @IkoKnight8151 sorry to tag but unsure where this would go, either under mod section or normal discussion. could you please help take it away and have them implement it in the near future? thank you.

Hi @thieftdp8498!

Thanks for your report, our team will consider to add these attributes ( ^∇^)

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Hi, IkoKnight8151,greeting!
Can we change or delete or add the attack type like it was in AGE,such as I want the swordmen get attack bonus to archers but I cannot do it through the scenario editor,please add these attributes like the AGE can do that.
In addition, you cannot do the effect like the tech first crusude and cuman mercenaries that the units are limited to create in the scenario,please listen to our heart and add these functions to AGE2DE in order to make this game better,thank you.