Add the option to select multiple idle villagers

We already have ways to select idle villagers or those on resources with the UI, but we cannot select more than one at the time, which is a step down from other games in the series.

Having the option to use Shift+idle villager button to select multiple idle villagers would be of great help to manage your eco when your vills exhausts their resources.

The same could be applied to the villagers on resources so we could make some swaps between resources. Like picking x numbers of vills from food and switching them to gold.


They have that, it’s called “Select all Idle Villagers” hotkey. I only use legacy so it’s there. Most likely in the new hotkey set as well.

He is talking about selecting a group not everyone from map

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No it works differently. What OP is asking is the ability to shift+select one more villager with each click, but not all at once.
I think shift + click really helps when you are trying to manage a few villagers to task them to different work.
You cannot achieve that in current DE. You can only select one and retask, one at a time which is really time wasting.


+1 for this request. its the best way to retask vills because it selects a group of close vills which you then can send to a close other gather point.

No idea what people want if “Select all Idle Vills” doesn’t work for you.

I guess you’ll never be happy if you want extremely specific things that the game already does well.

The feature people are requesting here was in the original game but is missing in DE.
Please don’t use harsh words.

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Which “word” is specifically harsh?


Have anyone used the new shift+click afater the hotfix ??