Adding a option to select the pages at the mod section

It’s a pain to go through all pages without the option to select the page, if i want look today 100 pages in the mod section, and want continue tomorrow at page 101 i need skip through all pages.
There is a workaround for the Browser on computer whej you edit the source line, but this can’t be the solution, i also look usually the mod page with cellphone.

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Someone knows nicknames of few staff members that can look about this ? Or someone knows Ms staff that take a look at the forums ?

@aocashleylynn can you please look about?
Example if you order the entries by Update and want continue with page 700 of ~1600 than it’s hard to get ti page 700 for continue checking the entries.


You could change your settings for what counts as unread and then just read the unread topics. That’s what I do. Only stuff I haven’t viewed counts as unread, and then I read all the unread stuff. Not sure if that’s what you want, but that’s the closest thing I can offer. It also assumes you only want to view any given topic once, but you can bookmark stuff if you need to.

I’m talking about the mod section of the games the mod entries:

@moderators someone can help?
Or who need contact?

@DodoNotDoDo can you look about?
Adding a page selector to the mod page of the game please.

That should be do-able. I’ve added a request to our backlog. Thanks for the suggestion!


Thank you very much, this will make it much easier jumping through the pages.

The change is live now. There’s a select in the paging controls that will allow you to jump to a page.

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Excelente change, thanks

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