Adding a surrender mechanism to all European‘s priests and Aztecs warriors‘s priests North american civ’s healer and Asian fighting monks

The developers decided to learn from the best way for healing units of Age of Empires’s Priest, Age of Empire 2 s’monk and Age of Empire 4’s monk and imam Warrior Monk shaman Scholar and Prelate recruit and surrender not only enemies but also buildings and siege units to Age of empires 3 to Healer units

You mean converting units?

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Yes, the priest of the surrender to build and units to AoE’s priest aoe2’s monk mechanism
To the image

I think normal converting of enemy units via a priest is a little odd for this period. Having spies being able to ‘bribe’ (like in Rise of Nations) would be more appropriate.


Concuerdo, la percepción hacia la religión en este periodo cambio drásticamente en comparación de la edad media.
Aunque podría dársele nuevos usos a los monjes y cirujanos

Absolutely, priests could always have an ability to ‘embolden’ troops or maybe just your settlers with some sort of temporary boost in something.


Priests and church

If none of this is done, just limit the priests to 5 (actually 30). They will stop costing population.

Their purpose could simply be to make the town center trigger, while they are unoccupied, since they can be garrisoned in the town center.

Yeah the priests Automatically inspires Villagers to greatly improve their gather rate of aoe4’s Prelate mechanism

Well the Chinese Monk already has a disciple conversion mechanic upon the opponent unit’s death.

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My suggestion is to priests Bible book in left hand and right hand Holding a cross or a staff to encourage collection efficiency for all European settlers Can inspire all units convert enemy units for aoe4 ’s mechanism but Imam Hand held beads and scrolls are used to inspire Yörük in Ottoman and Middle East dlc’s villager to collect efficiency and cure all units and has to convert enemy units he Can inspire all units this is changed very Interesting

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