Priests and church

I think that now the priests with their reduced cost and their ability to heal more enhanced than before the European priests and imams are affordable, but do you think this is enough?

In general, healers tend to have a secondary role to be useful, rather than simply healing. For example:

  • They work in the square, they work in the mountain monastery, etc. But the European healer and the Imam only heal units.

That is why I propose the following:

  • churches stop generating experience by themselves (currently 0.70/s), but each priest garrisoned in the church generates 0.25 xp/s.

  • The Ottoman Mosque instead still generates 0.80 xp/s, but the Imams only generate 0.10/s when garrisoned.

  • Imam make up for their lower xp generation by making training faster and ground military dispatches arriving a bit quicker.
    Imam: Generates much less experience than priests, but increases infantry creation speed by 1.5% and cavalry by 0.5% when garrisoned in the mosque. (They would not occupy population)

With a limit of 5 possible, then we would have a + 7.5% infantry creation speed, and a + 2.5% cavalry creation speed.

Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements) - #191 by OperaticShip743

  • Priests and Imam no longer cost population, but are limited to only 5.

  • Spanish missionaries can do the same as priests, but you can only garrison 5 inside the church.

  • Churches and mosques can heal nearby units if they are garrisoned by priests/Imams.

In conclusion the churches / mosques would potentially generate a little more experience than they currently do in exchange for 500 coins.

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Nearly outdated stuff that could be useful. (Potential improvements)


Oh, that translation from “Iman” :stuck_out_tongue:


considering how powerful the abun is with its heal, which is about to get buffed also, I think them healing is more then enough


That is why he suggested that churches stop generating experience by themselves. Although I would settle for not costing population.

In addition, the abun can work in the monastery, so he also has a double purpose.

Considering that now the Ottomans can have 2 mosques, potentially generating 1.6 experience per second, it would be better if this additional experience is obtained by imams, and not by an additional building. So they would have a double purpose.

The politician, the imam, should make the magnets generate more experience, since by default they would also do so, but at a much lower rate. Then he would deliver a mosque + an imam, and this being garrisoned would increase the generation of experience.

  • [NEW] The Imam (II, Politician): This new Commerce Age politician costs 900f and delivers 1 Mosque Wagon, 1 Imam, 150c. The Mosque build limit is also increased by +1.