Adding content from Age of Chivalry: Hegemony to AoE 2 DE


In this topic, I would like to discuss what is probably the best mod for AoE 2 in the entire history of this game - Age of Chivalry: Hegemony. This fan mod adds a lot of cool content that significantly diversifies the entertainment (I will mention those things that can be added to AoE 2 DE):

  1. Two or three different paths to choose for every state, based on Policy Decisions.
  2. New technologies, and units, some of them general and others unique to a country.
  3. A new campaign of 9 scenarios based on the battle of Bouvines, the Barons’ War, the conquest of West Friesland, the battle of Kortrijk, the start of the Hundred Years War, the Chioggia War, the siege of Maastricht, the battle of Vitkov Hill, and the siege of Neuss.
  4. A lot of completely new Architecture Sets for European civs.
  5. Unique buildings (I will mention the two most interesting ones): Guild Hall (mercenary building), Princely Court (hero building).
  6. A lot of brand new European civs that could be packed into just a few (in brackets I will list those civs that are in this mod): Allemanians (Helvetia), Bavarians (Austria and Bavaria), Lotharingians (Flanders, Friesland, Guelders and Liège), Hansa, Saxonians (Brandenburg and Saxony) and also Danes, English, Venetians and Scots. Personally, I would also add Croatians, Silesians and Swedes civs - they would fit perfectly into such a DLC.

Above is a map showing civs in this mod (including unplayable ones)

As you can see, this mod adds a lot of interesting content. Guild Hall and Princely Court could be added to all civs. Policy Decisions mechanic also.

Italian Architecture Set

British Isles Architecture Set

Dutch Architecture Set

Hanseatic Architecture Set

I think that such a large DLC could significantly make this game more attractive. Of course, the content of this DLC would be optional - for example, new additional content (like new buildings, technologies or Policy Decisions) could be disabled in the game settings or in matchmaking (an option for people who do not like radical changes).

Such a DLC would also bring significant reworks of old civs:

  1. Teutons (minor changes. Based on Teutonic Order and Livonian Order states) (adding a new UU - Crusader Knight)
  2. Vikings - rename into Norwegians (adding a new UU)
  3. Britons (minor changes. Based on Wales)
  4. Celts - rename into Irish (more changes)
  5. Franks - rename into French (adding a new UU)
  6. Italians (changes to better representation Italian states like Milan and Florence - they have acces to large number of Northern Italian Mercenaries)
  7. Romans (minor changes. Adaptation of the civ to also represent the Papal States - through the Pope unit?)

I invite you to discuss :smiley:

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We need more editor building and unit assets. The Chivalry mod added hounds and mastiff dogs which should be added to AOE2DE anyway.


A full port is on the way.


Adding Age of Chivalry: Hegemony like they added AoE I with RoR would be very cool.
I love playing that back before the HD days.

To have a Age of Chivalry: Hegemony DLC means that all the tiny European factions that people want can go into that DLC and then can AoE II proper focus on world history.

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I prefer to combine smaller civs from this mod into larger civs based on cultural groups. My proposal would eliminate the need for further European DLCs for many years to come. New buildings and other things would be available to all civs (not only European ones) which could please every player of every civ without exception.

Princely Court - building with a unique model for all civs. It would be based on the most famous seats of rulers.
Guild Hall - a building giving access to mercenary units from different regions of the world. For example: African civs would have access to African mercenaries and Indian civs would have access to Indian ones.

Assets from that game would make us map editors happy. Imagine super unique cities!!!

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