Adding Trample Damage to Units in the Editor

In the last sicilian campaign, you can get trample damage for your cavaliers after defeating the byzantine.

I was wondering if this is possible in the editor too, with other units. For example, I was trying to give trample damage to the militia line, avoiding using druzina. Is it possible, or it was something that could be made only by the devs for the new campaigns?

The scenario editor is actually more complex than what you think. Modding in scenario editor means you will encounter more hard coded things.

Firstly, the Sicilian campaign. I was wondering what will be the effect of Logistica since Sicilians do not have Cataphracts.

So I actually did that. The results blew my mind when they applied the effect to Cavalier.

All they did was increase the blast radius by 0.5 tiles but the effect will be different. Cataphracts and Infantry (including Champs) have a blast attack level of 6, which cannot be modified by scenario editor. This means that every other unit in the blast radius receives 5 pure damage every hit. Cavaliers have a blast attack level of 2 or 3 (I don’t remember), this means that Cavaliers will attack with their 12+4 attack with full force to every unit and the blast attack will also be negated by armor.

This blast attack level is hard coded for some units like Battle Elephants and War Elephants to be less than 100%. So they deal less than that. For others, it gives the full force of the attack.

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Just increase the blast radius by some number (no of tiles) and it will deal 5 pure damage to all units in the area, except the unit they are targetting.

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Mmm ok thanks, I’ll try…