Additional Alternate Unit Skins

The new patch adding unique skins for royal gaurd and church tech units was a change that I’ve been really enjoying. I think there are a few instances where unique skins would be a good addition though. Mostly with the “Legion” cards for US and Mexico that give units from other civs and makes them trainable at forts but also for a few of the order units for Malta and a couple of units accessable through cards.

United States
Armand’s Legion
Some Ideas for a new skin:

Pulaski’s Legion
Some Ideas for a new skin:


Washington’s Legion
I assume that “Washington’s Legion” refers to the Legion of the United States that was created by George Washington so that’s what I looked up for it.


This one is a bit of a suggestion for a change rather than just a reskin but i’ve never liked this card much or felt that it was very flavorful or interesting. Criollos are just Mexican born white spaniards and if the idea was just to get mexico some Spanish units then it’s kind of lame to make them musketeers which aren’t a unique unit for the Spanish.

So my Idea would be to replace it with a San Patricios card that ships either US regulars (since many san patricios members were American deserters). It could also enable Irish brigadeers at the saloon since it was always odd to me Mexico has no way of accessing them despite Saint Patrick’s Battalion being specifically mentioned in the unit’s compendium page. A skin could be something like the uniform in this image labeled “Variante” since the others look a bit too close to the imperial soldado.

Tulancingo Cuirassiers
This one feels like a no brainer to me.

Spanish Sympathizers
I’m also not a big fan of this card’s flavor. The units can stay lancers but I think a real Mexican regiment like the Jalisco Lancers or the Gaurds of the Supreme Powers would be cool. If anyone knows of anything that would keep it as Spanish soldiers sympathetic to the mexican cause while also making it more specific then that would probably be the best option.

Maltese Order Units
The rightmost soldier in this image I think would make a good basis for a unique order hussar skin and the leftmost I think would be a good basis for the order dragoon. The other order units I think can stay as is personally. I can’t think of a way to give them order flair while keeping their same basic look.

Spanish Soldados
I think that these should have a unique skin. Previously they used the age 2 soldado skin, this makes sense but it gets confusing when they may actually have the stats of a vet or guard soldado. Just something slightly different to prevent that confusion without just using the very Mexican looking gaurd and imperial skins for them.


I think it’s a good idea for Maltese Order Units to wear the Maltese cross on their chest, or to wear special Maltese symbols to make them look more unique (Always taking care that they do not look so similar that it is difficult to differentiate them, obviously).


Maltese Order could be a priority, cause these units are a litte bit more used rather than the other USA/Mexico cards.

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Yep - the idea of them having the cross on their chest is great.


I’m going present some of my skins for these units:

United States
Armand’s Legion

Tulancingo Cuirassiers

I did this guy basing myself on @GwentMaster2163 's work.

But I prefer using this guys as unique Mexican Dragoons.

I made this Hussars for Spanish, inspired by Húsares de Pavía.

I have already created and uploaded my version of Spanish Soldados.


Man, i would love to see a reskin of Maltese units made by yourself.

I have mine, but they are simple swap models:


Man, these are really cool!


Those Washington’s Legion grenadiers are perfect. That’s exactly what I would want.

Already uploaded in the mod center? I can not find it.

Looks good, especially the dragoon, but i would use other type of helmet for the Cuirassier, I never liked the combination of bucket helmet and plate armor, and i think i would be better to more red robes, like the historical ones.

Man,can you making the unique skin of the Revolutionary French Army. that the French National Guard will exchange the skin of the European General The Revolutionary Army, which is in line with the history of the French National Guard,but I have to ideas, perhaps Hungary’s The Revolutionary Army Grenzers In the plan, perhaps Hungary’s The Revolutionary Army should be replaced with a unique skin, so as to conform to the real history



Well, is not a Cuirassier. I use them as an Hussar.

New mod.

Thank you.

I would’ve implemented them much long ago if I would have the images previously shared. They are based in some french musketeers inspired in trailer:

You want them in game as French Revolutionaries?


Grenzers aren’t Hungarian. So to confirm to the history their Grenzers should be replaced with Honved.

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With the new patch, it would be easier to add Alternate Unit skin MP compatible?

I’m not Gwent, but as far as I know:

  • only one .xml file is read by the game to control the art of an unit, with mods overriding the game original files.
  • anim changing usin submodels may cause desynch.

I don’t remember reading modding changes in new patch. What do you read regarding this?

Nothing, but I would like to know how the different civ specific upgrade skins works

Almost each unit has a .xmb/xml file associated to it, present in a folder into art folder of the game. In this file, there may be conditionals of Civ, Tech, LowPoly, Variation and more. So, devs and modders can assign one appareance for a tech, one exclusively for one civ, and so on.
I have not seen the files of the recent PUP, however I would think, for example, new Prussian Needle Gunner is a new unit. If I want to mod him (and believe me, I want), I would have to change a line or two, instead of 5-15 lines.


Well, I’m going to show more of my skins-reskins before the incoming big patch:
Female Coureur des bois

British Imperial Grenadier

British Red Coats

Prussian Needle Gun

Swiss Papal Lancer

Mexican Villagers

USA Zouave variant

Italian Dragoon: Bersagliere a cavallo.

Russian Orthodox Priest

Italian Cardinale

Spanish Skirmisher from HC Card

Alternate Indian Villager


I love all the skins!
Personal favourite is the good ol’ Red Coats - please Devs this is what they should be wearing for Industrial Age!