Further unit graphic changes wishlist thread (tm)

Same here!

A question though:

Would your prefer an Imperial appearance that is at their height of use or a ‘reimagining’ using 19th century aesthetics?

For example, the Portuguese Besteiro gets reimagined as a crossbowman in Napoleonic-era uniforms instead of appearing in uniforms linked to ‘its era’, and as a counterpoint, the German Dopplesoldner Imperial upgrade retains its period of uniform.

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Imo rodelero and lancers should be reimagined into “soldados de cuera” which in fact is pretty much their evolution in the new world. Let them get rid of their heavy armors and look modern.


This makes a lot of sense - armour started to get dropped and heavy jerkins were used.

This is also what I’d like for British Longbowmen too - their Imperial look shouldn’t feature armour - it should just just Tudor, vibrant clothes and hat.

Regarding Aztec Noble Hut units;

  • All Noble hut units that use ‘Knight’ should just use ‘Warrior’
  • Cuextecatl - replaces Arrow Knight. The skin used is of the Cuextecatl (2 captive rank Warrior), so it already fits in within the Noble Hut - it’s just the name is completely made-up. There was no such thing as Arrow Knight/Noble/Warrior. This would be a great, super-minor change. Personally I’d rather them use Atlatl as noble warriors much prefered them over bows which were (along with slings) more for the lower ranks to use in the initial skirmish before the big-hitters rush in.

European Walls
The stone wall has never made sense - very tall and straight walls outright outdated during the 16th century where cannon could easily knock them down.

I’d love for the walls to be sloped, bastion walls. Same size as current and sloped on both sides for ease and simplicity. Sloped, squat walls were much preferred over weak, medieval stone walls!


translation, use fort wall instead, honestly, i’d love to see that

Alternatively, separate the wooden wall from the stone wall as two separate “buildings”. The “Bastion” technology would replace the current stone wall with something more akin to a more early modern fortification.

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Not an accurate translation :wink:

Whilst it would be awesome to have those Fort Walls, they’re not great for standard (especially multiplayer) gameplay - 1. they only face one way, meaning it’s probably a knightmare to fix that and 2. they take up too much space.

I’m aware the fort wall from the campaigns/select maps exist, however, gameplay wise, they take more space than standard ones and they only face one way.

A compromise is to change the model of the current walls to represent the more early modern era rather than middle ages, whilst using the same footprint.

Also I’d totally love to see wood and stone walls being able to be built independently as the above post - as long as the differences are pronounced - stone being very slow to build, expensive, but super strong and wood being a cheap and quick fix.

The Inca need their own villager models.


I agree.

Also, for the sake of keeping things together (this has been suggested numerious times elsewhere):

British Manors
Change name to Cottages (the quintessential British cottage was far more commonly built than expensive, elite Manors)

  • Cottages is what the majority of the population were living in
  • A settlement wouldn’t be exclusively full of Manor houses!
  • A new model to coincide with name change is full justified - it’s a Unique Building, has different stats and resource cost!
  • Model could be a very simple wooden frame cottage that evolves to a brick cottage. A little hedge/fence at the front of the building further helps differentiate from Houses.
  • The Terraced House HC shipment tech could change the Cottages to Victorian red brick town houses along with name change (Victorian Terrace / Victorian House / Victorian Residence - anything really, though probably not best to refer to it as a town house if we have them all dotted around in a jungle :wink: )

A unique Maltese church model would be lovely too


Yes, it certainly would!

(Also British church model could do with some attention where others get their final look and the Brits don’t)

gonna link my post about it

and an older post of mine


and I’ll link my concept art for @SirBarnzy1’s british cottage concept:


I love the feitoria idea! I did a concept for what an age 3 feitoria TC might look like


That looks great - I love the very Portuguese architecture flourish.


A beautiful concept. Could you make a similar one for some other European civ?


if there was an interesting enough idea, I would :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought SirBarnzy1’s proposal for the feitoria TC getting a unique look was a cool idea that also made sense gameplay-wise because the building does have a unique function.

The only other unique town center I can think of would be the Ottoman one. But I think we all wish for a total Ottoman architecture overhaul…


As a complete wishlist item here:

You know those weird house-castle monstrosities? Supposedly the defensive apex of European fortification - they are (and have always been) awful looking.
I’d love to see these Devs add a bit of love to these - bringing proper looking forts. I mean the Age itself is (rather Euro-centrically) called the Fortress Age, after all!

An old RTS game, American Conquest portrayed it well with the forts (unique appearence for each civ):

Basically bastion walls and HQ/garrison buildings inside (within current footprint unless they wanted to be bigger). Regional (Med/West Euro, etc) styles would be nice - just anything but these medieval houses!

Also on a similar subject, wooden stockade forts were even more common and often were the first fortications to secure the area before the stone/brick fort. We have a campaign building model - the Stockade - it would be great if they were in the game same how, even as a replacement shipment for the Outposts (could act as a Castle style building in terms of strength).

Obvious Disclaimer:
Yes, I know Euros have probably have had enough love!


Ports Halberdiers:

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